Oh hey beautiful blog reader!

I’ve been feeling something lately and wanted to share it with y’all. Blogging for you and helping you out with your Squarespace sites is an absolute pleasure, I love doing it!

But sometimes in blog-world, the conversation feels a little one-sided. It’s kinda like when you apply to 43 jobs online, submit your application online, and then it falls into a big black hole and you never hear anything back.

The worst, right?! Glad you agree with me.

Anyways, I value your opinion and want to hear from you! Let’s make this convo a little less one-sided, shall we?

I’d oh-so appreciate you taking 3 mins to complete the 2017 reader survey!

The survey helps me learn where you’re at, and how I can create content that solves your problems best. So friend, it’s your time to respond back!

(Update: Survey is over! Thanks so much for taking the time to provide your fabulous insights!)

TIA for your feedback gal! I’ll be sharing the results with you on the blog once the survey is complete.

I want to hear from you! The 2017 reader survey