Ohhhh ahhhh 4 day workweeks . . . or more importantly, long weekends every weekend!

Sexy right?

Honestly yeah, the idea of a 4 day workweek is pretty appealing.

There’s quite a few people in business these days who are advocating for you to work just 4 days a week (or less)! Richard Branson recently advocated for it in an interview with CNBC.

The benefits are pretty clear. More time for, you know, life. Time for loved ones, personal projects, travel, health and fitness, errands, etc.

I am totally on board with not letting your work take over your life, with actually consciously working to ensure your work/life balance gets or stays balanced and if you know me, you know I loveee a good vacation! (I took 41 days vacation in the past 6 months ✈️.)

But I don’t think everyone should just jump on the 4 day work week trend because it’s a thing right now.


Because it might not fit your life and I don’t want you to blindly just follow the crowd without knowing that this type of a work schedule actually serves you.

Here’s how I came to that conclusion.

I had Graham Cochrane on the podcast recently and he spoke about how he’s currently running 2 businesses while only working 5 hours a day, 4 days a week. He has Fridays off every week!

Woot woot! Sounds great right?!

Funnily enough, want to know the most common question he gets?

“What do you even DO on Friday then?”

To which he responded “I can run errands, I can meet a friend for coffee. I can go for a bike ride. We used to do family fun Fridays when my kids weren’t in school. So we’d all hang out and go to the beach or something.”

Graham made a super appealing argument for a 4 day work week, and shorter working hours as well.

So I gave some serious thought to it and looked at my calendar coming up.

I have weeks blocked out all over the place, a 3 week summer vacation, a 1 week sailing course shortly after that, and a 1.5 months education leave 2 weeks after that.

I then thought about blocking off Friday’s too and came to the conclusion, I would hardly have time to work.

Granted, I think if you can fill your time without work well and make enough to live without working (4 day work week lessons right there), then there’s absolutely nothing wrong with hardly working!

But I have projects in my business I am SO excited about and really am dying to get the time to work on. (Like my upcoming business retreats!!!)

I also thought about what I’d actually DO on Fridays! A really long gym session or tennis lessons came to mind as well as grocery shopping and meal prepping.

But the thing which I enjoy doing most with my time is spending it with family and friends and traveling.

Unfortunately, all my friends work on Friday’s, so whatever activity I would choose to do on that day would be solo.

I’m also not a big fan of traveling solo, unless I go on some type of trip which is inherently social and not odd to go alone on, like my upcoming sailing lessons week, or a tour-operated group trip somewhere like Antartica is on my mind at the moment.

And Friday’s off doesn’t give me enough time to hit up Antartica, go for a sailing trip in Croatia or even go on a more local trip with friends as I’d have to wait for friends to get off work on Fridays anyways to come with me.

So . . . what’s a girl to do?

I think that the 4 day work week is a fabulous idea to help you get serious about work when you are working and get serious about time off when you are off.

But I challenge you to also not just follow someone else’s work plan and find one that works for you.

For me, what I’d want to do with time off is to go take a vacation in a far off land or hang out with friends, and Friday’s off doesn’t help me to do either of those things! Therefore, no 4 day work weeks for me!

Instead, I choose to allow myself as many weeks of vacation as my little heart desires and grind hard on the weeks I am working, because I’m excited about work!

Because I really do love sitting down and working for 8 hours straight. (In fact, I accomplish very little when I only have a few hours to dedicate to working in a day.)

So if you think a 4 day work week suits your life and what you feel like doing in your free time, YES girl! Go for it!

But don’t think because it’s the cool new trend that you also need to follow it.

Beat to your own drum girl.

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