What is the best Squarespace template? Brine. Here's why.

Back in the day 'which Squarespace template was best' was really based on what your site was for, and what functionality you wanted in your site.

Today however, within the Squarespace website designer community there's a pretty solid consensus on the best Squarespace template.

What changed? This new template came out fitted with almost every single feature you could ever want, and it's the most flexible of them all too, earning it the title of the best Squarespace template out there.

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The top 5 lessons I've learned through building a successful online business

The other day I sent out my regular weekly email to subscribers (if you're not a subscriber - become a subscriber here!) with a recent blog post and I asked y'all to tell me of any other posts you'd like to see.

I asked you to load me up with your questions and you did, so thank you kindly! You made my life way easier by deciding on my blog post ideas for me as I admit I was I was plum out of  ideas myself. 😂🙈

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How to change the content background color on one individual page or section in Squarespace

Let me guess, you're trying to . . . 

change the color of just a certain section or page of your Squarespace site?

And when you do it's changing the entire background color of the full site? Oh and you'd prefer to not code, you say? Not to worry, I have a solution for you in today's post!

The template that is best for making this happen is any template in the Brine family.

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65 must-read Squarespace tips + tutorials blog posts

If you're looking to find all the best articles written on Squarespace, I'm happy to report you need look no further.

I've rounded up 50 of the best posts discussing Squarespace, taking you all the way from choosing Squarespace, to how-to's on creating your website, to setting up a blog or e-commerce shop.

These articles come from some of the most knowledgable Squarespace bloggers - they know their stuff!

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13 Squarespace settings you must fix before you launch your new site

On every internal and client Squarespace website project I work on, I ensure these ends are all tied up before we go to launch the website to the world. It takes just a few clicks around the Squarespace settings area to help your website function optimally.

So, when you go to launch your new stunning website to the world, be sure to take an extra couple mins to run through this checklist first!

After having run through this checklist a zillion times, I'm able to knock it out in under 10 mins, so it really is easy, and will make quite a difference to your website visitors experience.

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Squarespace template comparison chart (updated for 2019)

When choosing a Squarespace template, it's massively handy to see all of their abilities side by side.

In an effort to help you pick the right Squarespace template for your project, my goal is to keep this Squarespace comparison chart the most up to date on the internet.

This table will always be updated within 7 days when new templates are released.

Pssst - below the table you'll find some of the best (free) resources on the web to help you get creating your Squarespace website!

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