Email after email has landed in my inbox asking me what I think about Mariah Coz’s Accelerator program, so I think it’s high time I gave y’all a review of my thoughts in blog post format!

I’m going to get into exactly where I was at when I joined, what the program entails, my results and then answer the million dollar question – is it worth the money?!

Let’s start with the basics . . .

What is Mariah Coz’s Accelerator program?

I’ll borrow from Mariah to explain it.

“The Accelerator is a “do it together” program where we:

  • Create your dynamic online course content

  • Launch your course with the most up to date strategies

  • Create and build an automated evergreen sales funnel for your course

You’ll be in a group with other high caliber creators, doers and entrepreneurs who want to create and launch a unique online course that actually changes lives.”

Basically, it’s for people who want to build an online course and get feedback and support from the experts in online course building.

Why I joined Mariah’s Accelerator program

Last year it’s safe to say I had no work-life balance.

Life just wasn’t a thing, I worked like a mad woman.

I was running a purely service-based business and was trading hours for dollars. Working weekends and evenings was the norm, not the exception.

At the same time that I was serving clients, I was building this blog and in that one year I got it from nada – 32,000 pageviews a month by consistently posting full-length blog posts two times a week, without fail.

December rolled around and I was straight up exhausted. In December I proceeded to do a whole lot of nothing business-wise and took the entire month off to chill and drink mulled wine (as one does in pre-Christmas celebrations obv).

I took a good solid look at my life and determined that this was not the way I wanted to be living it, so something had to give.

I was pretty over the stress and time commitment of client work, and felt that I had built my blog and email list to a size that I could start making decent income through products, and slowly move towards a business that offered both services and products.

I was excited to detach the number of hours in my week from my earning potential, move towards something that resembled a ‘normal’ work-life split and take a darn vacation without sneaking out my laptop to do ‘just one thing’ multiple times a day.

My audience had been asking for an online course and it turned out that an online course fit my goals best too.

I really don’t like the idea of doing something half-way, and all the other product ideas I had didn’t let me fully cover the topic I wanted to in the same depth the way an online course would.

I had already binged The Femtrepreneur Show on YouTube and was confident that Mariah and Megan knew their stuff on courses.

I felt pretty self-sufficient in figuring out the whole course building thing myself, though the whole launching and marketing side totally felt wayyyy outside my comfort zone.

I wanted a bit of a mentor who had been there and done that when it came to building a successful online course, so I got in touch with Megan Minns who was offering packages to work with her directly. Megan then let me know about the Accelerator and that it was the perfect fit for what I wanted.

As the Accelerator was brand new, I had heard nothing about it previously. The Accelerator also turned out to be 4x the price I was intending to spend.

(It’s a 5 figure investment.)

When I paid Mariah, I let her know that I had never in my 27 years on this earth spent that amount on anything, so making the payment definitely made me feel like being sick.

I proceeded to not tell anyone other than my boyfriend and mom that I had spent 10k on a coaching program, knowing full-well people would tell me I was absolutely out of my mind. I intended to only tell people what I’d done after I had already sold the course and proved what I had a sneaking feeling about all along – that it’d be worth it.

In order to make the decision to join, I first did the math. I estimated at the time that my course would be in the $500-$700 range and it would therefore take 20 or so students registering to make back the investment.

I then had to ask myself if I thought that what Mariah would teach would help me get at least 20 students over the lifetime of the course. I figured it would so I joined.

What’s it like being in the Accelerator?

As I mentioned, I was part of the first ‘class’ to go through the program, so it’s changed ever so slightly from what it was before to what it is now.

Basically there’s lessons that Mariah has created, similar to an online course that walks you through each week of course creation, marketing and launch.

For the first 12 weeks of joining the program, you are going through the program content and completing the homework each week, and by the end of the 12 weeks, you my friend will have a created and launched course!

There’s also weekly live calls with Mariah and her team so when you’ve got questions, you can get direct answers and discuss your strategy and any set backs or hangups you’re going through.

There’s also a Facebook group where you can unload all your questions and get answers throughout the week too.

Recently, there have been more than one call a week with some experts Mariah has brought on to the team, so every week there’s additional trainings on topics the students are interested in, such as Facebook ads, mindset, etc.

As I’ve mentioned, Mariah knows her stuff on course creation and there were quite a few things I would have done differently (*ahem* – incorrectly) had I gone it alone without the Accelerator.

When it comes to launching, the area I was most nervous about, Mariah gives you an exact launch schedule and fill-in-the-blank workbooks to create all of your launch content which was an absolute God-send.

After you’ve launch your course in the first 3 months, there’s an additional 9 months of the program, including the weekly calls, lessons, Facebook group, etc.

Your focus just kinda shifts in the second part of the program.

What the heck do you do in the rest of the program you ask? A whole lotta stuff I absolutely would have not done if we’re being honest. (But am super thankful I did.)

Mariah teaches the other important aspects of running a business with courses.

She teaches how to prioritize and plan out your major projects for the rest of the year, how to determine your product suite, how to put your course on an evergreen funnel, how to run joint-venture webinars and how to list build between launches.

Without the Accelerator I would have made significantly different plans for the year, completely went another direction with my product suite, and not put my course on an evergreen funnel.

I know that Mariah is yet to lead me astray, so when she tells me to do something, I shut up, take action and am glad I did every time.

In terms of the atmosphere, Mariah will have no problem kicking your ass to get things done and will tell you straight when you have an idea you really should not run with.

Don’t think it’s all cut-throat though. Mariah and Megan are honest with their past struggles and mistakes they’ve made. They are caring and understand the mindset struggles of moving into new foreign territory and are compassionate in helping you through that process.

My results

While I’m a pretty open book on this blog, I don’t tend to share exact income stats. But, I realized that the biggest question on your mind right now is ‘did the program pay off for me?’ so I’ll give you a few details which I think pretty clearly demonstrate my results.

Since joining the Accelerator I:

  • Made $19,675.00 on my first launch

  • Continue to make consistent income from my funnel between launches

  • Made $6,182.50 from my funnel while on holiday for 3 weeks

  • Am well on track to more than double what my business made last year

  • Am well on track to hit over 6 figures by the end of the year

  • Bottom line: I work less and make more

In terms of all the facts above, I absolutely attribute much of that to what I learned in the program.

I will never know what I might have made on my first launch if I had not taken the program, but I can guarantee if I hadn’t joined I wouldn’t make consistent income from a funnel, and therefore wouldn’t have made 6k while on vacation, I would have surpassed what I made last year but it’s highly unlikely I would have doubled my income, and I would have reallyyy struggled to hit 6 figures.

It’s July as I write this, so I unfortunately don’t have a full years worth of data to give you, but regardless to answer your question . . .

Did the Accelerator pay off?

Yes. Many times over.

Non-income results:

While yes, The Accelerator definitely helped out with income there are quite a few non-income related benefits I think are important to mention.

Students from my course have consistently said it’s the best they’ve ever taken, and that it has the most organized start-to-finish, leaves-nothing-out, step-by-step set up.

The planning and organization of my course was definitely helped by The Accelerator lessons, so I do believe my students benefitted from a better course than what I would have created without joining the program.

Because my the course content has been so well received and therefore my students are being really successful, I’m that much more confident when I go to sell it.

I don’t have any icky negative mindset worries following me around and that’s led to me being super proud and excited to welcome students into the course.

Nothing kills your desire to market and sell something if you don’t have confidence in it, so I can say I’m genuinely pleased with the product I created and am therefore excited to shout about it to the world.

Also, I love that on one of the calls, you can go into anything and everything business-wise you need help with. I definitely made a mistake the first time I went to hire a VA, so when I went to take a second stab at it, I had Mariah and Megan walk me through exactly how they hire contractors and team members.

I landed a VA who kills it daily and it’s because of the process they gave me that I was able to find the right fit the second time around.

Are my results normal?

I’ll be honest, in terms of income some people in the program have done much worse than me and some have done much better.

Just as with everything in life, it’s up to you to determine your success. Everyone gets the same instructions and education. It’s up to you and only you to implement.

The one thing I have absolutely noticed from the really successful program students is that they focused on building an email list. If you’ve built some amount of an email list already, you’ll be significantly better off in having success. If you haven’t built an email list yet, you’ll be taught how to in the program.

If you’d like to join The Accelerator . . .

If this post pushes you over the fence and helped you decide to join, you can get more details and apply here.

Mariah does give referral commission to those who bring in new students to the program. So when you apply, if you mention my name – Paige Brunton – know that myself and my margarita fund are super grateful.

(In the ‘how did you hear about The Accelerator program’ section, select ‘someone referred me’ and type in ‘Paige Brunton!’)


The Accelerator program with Mariah Coz review: Is it worth it? Answered