When I get on the phone with potential clients for our initial consult call, a few common questions come up about just what is included in my packages.

95% of the time when a potential client asked if something was included my answer was ‘yes.’

As such, I started describing my packages as ‘all-inclusive.’ 

(Partially because my answer was almost always yes, and partially because I love vacations, and being reminded of them often).

So, as with all the client and reader questions I get, I blog about it!

Here’s a break down of just what is included in my ‘all-inclusive’ web design packages.

Are third-party integrations included? (Eg. Calendly, Acuity, MailChimp, ConvertKit, social media accounts.) You’ll set up your account with your third party integrations, and then the part that involves linking your 3rd party app to your website is all moi, and yep, that’s included.

You’ll however be the gal to do anything within the 3rd party app, such as say setting up your appointment times in Acuity, or creating a Mailchimp list or designing your newsletter.

Is Google Analytics setup included? Yep!

Are analytics/statistics included? Yep, these automatically come with your Squarespace plan.

Is a mood board & color palette included? Yep!

Is a popup included? Yep!

Is a coming soon page before we design the full site included? Yep!

Is SEO included? Yep! I do all the stuff that relates to setting your site up for best practices, including optimizing and naming images, changing link defaults to current best practices, ensure your tag line, location, keywords are in all the important spots, changing a few site-speed settings, and writing your Google description.

However, the stuff that’s really going to make your website kill it in search has less to do with website settings, and more to do with long-form, hellah-valuable content, and backlinks from highly relevant websites. That part is a long-term game which is on you gal!

Is an RSS feed included? Yep!

Is the site designed for mobile and tablet, as well as desktop? Yep!

Is a Squarespace lesson included? Yep! We hold a 1.5 hr Squarespace live screenshared lesson on the final day of the design period.

Is importing old blog content included? Yep! Squarespace has an auto-importer which I’ll run to get your old content off your old blog and onto Squarespace.

Are website revisions/edits included? Yep! There’s no cap on the number of edits you may request, our only deadline is the final Friday of our 2 week design period.

Is linking up my domain name included? Yep!

Is moving my domain from my old site to my new one included? Yep!

Is the actual launch of my site included? Yep! We launch your site together on our 1.5 hr Squarespace lesson call.

Is the setup of an email with my domain name included? Yep!

Are design elements such as icons and custom buttons included? Yep!

Is a logo included? Is other graphic design items included? When you book the website & branding package – yep!

With the web design & branding package you have your pick of the following graphic design items to be created, logo, secondary logo, business cards, social media banners, pricing menus, opt-in gifts, lookbooks, or media kits. (There is a total of 3 branding items that are included in the website & branding package.)

Is bestie status with you included? Heck yes!

What’s not included?

1. Site content. Copy & images must come from you gal!
2. Custom illustrations, fonts, paintings, or calligraphy, etc. There’s many creatives who specialize in these areas, and they’re the ones you’ll want to put on the job to create you these fab pieces to compliment your site design.

Update: I no longer offer custom 1:1 design services! Instead, I now teach 1000’s of students through my online courses, how to use Squarespace to DIY their own completely custom, professional-looking website at a fraction of what it costs to hire a designer!

What’s included in all-inclusive Squarespace web design packages?