I know I love to see the behind the scenes of how other online business owners organize all the things in their business, so today I’m going to share a little bit of how I do things.

Specifically, I’m going to show you into my Asana.

Now if you’ve read the blog at all before, you know that I was a paper planner lover. Buying a new planner every year (Simplified and Day Designers were my fav) always got me excited. Mostly because they looked adorable and feeling like I had a pretty organizer just made my heart happy.

But the sneaking feeling that I should stop being a 90 year old and get with something more modern, after all, I do run an online business which is a pretty modern thing. But I was still using an ancient method of organizing my business.

I was pretty against breaking up with my physical planner and really didn’t think it could be done. But the day I moved over to Asana, I placed my planner on a shelf and never opened it again.

I love Asana as my new organization system and now annoy my boyfriend about how much better his life would be if he used it too. (So far, I’ve been unsuccessful in convincing him. I’m persistent though, gimme a couple months and I’ll report back.)

Recommended Asana setup course

I admit, I was hellah-confused when I first got an Asana account, so I actually took Megan Minns’ Asana HQ course and it was really exceptionally helpful for explaining all the different terminology and setting things up right for my one-woman-show business from the start.

If you also want to skip the learning curve and get your Asana up correctly from the start, Asana HQ is one of the courses I consistently recommend to others.

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How I use Asana to organize the tasks and calendar in my online business