The next time you get on a call with a potential web design client here’s 3 questions I want you to ask which will help you avoid a whole lotta headaches down the road.

1. How many people will be involved? (If there’s a board or a large number of people in the clients organization and they all need to give approval/feedback on the project, you’re going to need to adjust your timeline accordingly, or convince your client to narrow down on the number of people involved in the project.)

2. What do you want your website to DO? (So often web designers ask clients ‘whats the scope of the project? Would you like third party plugins or e-commerce’ and the client looks at them thoroughly confused because they don’t have a clue what that means. Talk to your clients in a way they would understand as a non designer. This question will get you to the same result, you’ll just have a whole lot less confused client on your hands.

3. You can expect compiling content for your site to take about X number of weeks. What’s your schedule like coming up? (If they have a major grand opening followed by 2 weeks of vacation, you should advise your client accordingly as to when they should book so they have plenty of time to work on their current work/life and prepare the content for their site. Give your client an idea of the work involved, and then together pick a design date that sets them up for success of having their content in on time.)

3 things to ask web design clients