I have an absolute FAVORITE strategy for getting out of my head and into action!

Any guesses?

It’s really my secret weapon to creating exactly what my people want.


Ask them what they want!

Yes, when I’m trying to decide “should I create a quiz on X topic or Y topic,” I survey my audience.

When I’m not sure if I should create a membership site or course, I survey.

When I can’t pick the topic for my next webinar, I survey.

I think we often make it SO HARD on ourselves because we’re over here thinking ourselves in circles, guessing at what our people want, and driving ourselves a little mad in the process.

When there’s a much easier answer.

Ask your people.

No matter if you currently have 4 people following your business, AWESOME.

You have 4 people.

That’s enough.

Also, the less people you have, the more in-depth convos you can have with them.

Now my audience is in the tens of thousands, there’s no way I can get on the phone with everyone individually.

So I survey.

Either with something legit like surveymonkey or surveysparrow, or sometimes good old Instagram polls & questions.

(Just be sure if you do that to tell the family & friends who are following you on Instagram NOT to respond to your questions so they don’t totally skew your results.)

If your audience is teeny tiny at the moment, you actually have the ability to chat with everyone individually, which is great and will get you so much more in-depth answers.

So get (legit) on the phone/Zoom with them.

This is still something I do, I just can only manage it with a fraction of my audience now.

But generally once a year during my annual planning I send an email to my list, tell them “subscriber chats” are happening and I send them a link to book an appointment in my calendar.

I get on Zoom with them and legit just get them to tell me about their life and their struggles.

The info is gold.

So try it!

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