I was just posting on Instagram about how I just whipped up 8 mini blog posts in 3 hours.

(Yes, all these short “mini” blog posts you’ve seen so far in January were done in 1 night, and I’m taking an extra few minutes before I go to bed to whip together another, this one, number 9!)

Silvia responded to my story and asked me:

“How’s your batching process Paige? I follow Amy Porterfield and she talks about her batching process. Curious how you set it up.”

K so there’s 1 guiding principle that helps me batch my content creation work.

Here it is:

The key to any batching is to batch the similar steps, not the end piece of content!

So how I batch create content is:

First I need to think of the content ideas.

This happens 2 ways for me.

People message me questions (like Silvia’s), or a conversation sparks an idea, or a comment or another bloggers post sparks an idea.

I write it down in my notes app to use later.

Also every few months when I’ve run out of planned content on my editorial calendar I go actively searching for post ideas.

That means doing things like:

  • Looking at my site analytics to see which posts are getting great traffic which could be improved and reposted

  • Looking at past survey results for questions people ask

  • Snooping in our inbox for questions people ask

  • Looking at our past questions from students in our FB groups

  • It also means SEO keyword research if I want to get really fancy.

(That means using a tool like ahrefs (only every once in a while because it’s EXPENSIVE) and checking out what our competitors are ranking for which we’re not and then noting down those ideas too.)

At that point I have one giant list of post ideas.

The next step is deciding which to follow through on and create.

I pick out my favorite ideas and try to balance them in my editorial calendar. (Which if you’re wondering where I store that, my editorial calendar is just a calendar-style project in Asana.)

I try to mix up posts throughout the month to be on my 2 main topics, building a Squarespace site and becoming a Squarespace website designer.

Once I’ve added ton of post ideas to the calendar, my content planning is done.

(I don’t do any specific length of time that I plan for, just however many posts I like from my ideas get added to our posting schedule on the calendar.)

Next up is execution.

This has gotten more complex lately as we’ve taken on not just blog posts but also videos!

Remember, the key to any batching is to batch the similar steps, not the end piece of content!

What do I mean by that? I DON’T create a video by thinking up the idea, deciding the date in the calendar, writing the script, filming the video, editing, uploading, writing the accompanying post, etc.

INSTEAD, the steps get batched, and in the end, multiple pieces of content come out finished at the same time.

(Kinda like a car assembly line now I think about it.)

For blogs, we write the blogs.

For videos, we write the script (which then also becomes a blog).

Then once I have at least 4 video scripts written (sometimes I’ll do more like 8) I sit down with a fully charged iPad and my camera and teleprompter.

I have multiple shirts & dresses hung up on my clothes rack in my office and I copy & paste each script into the teleprompter.

I record the video, film the accompanying IG story and thumbnail photos.

Then I switch tops and do it again.

And again.

And again.

Then as my camera uploads the videos to the cloud, I sit down at my laptop and read out the script for any screen recordings that accompany the face-to-camera bits of the video.

(My wonderful team member Dean actually does the screen recording and video editing.)

With everything I need to do for 4-8 videos uploaded, Dean takes over and edits videos. She does all the edits at once. Once those are done, she batch creates all the graphics to go along with each post & video.

She then writes all the YouTube descriptions & uploads the videos.

That’s how we’ve stuck to stick to consistently posting 2 pieces of content a week (sometimes more) for 3 YEARS now!

Remember, don’t batch the 1 piece of content and do everything for it at once.

Instead, think long-term. Do all of each step at once together for many pieces of content.

Take time to just think of ideas.

Then take time to just put those ideas on a calendar.

Then take time to just write posts & scripts (if you’re doing videos.)

Then take time to just film.

Then just edit.

Then just create graphics.

The just upload.

In the end, because we batch our content, we’re wayyy more efficient and we end up with 4-8 pieces of content finished at the same time.

We schedule our posts out ahead of time and therefore aren’t scrambling to whip something together ASAP to post tomorrow. If that was the case we’d really just be getting to 1 post at a time and couldn’t batch at all.

We’ve given ourselves the time & space to batch and in the end are wayyy faster.

Hope that helped & answered your question Silvia!

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