So you’re new to Squarespace? Perfect. Let the initiation begin! …. Ahem, I mean, ‘Welcome!’

I know you’re going to love the simplistic and design-focused platform. But let’s get you a little informed so you can begin to learn just how to use this amazing tool and uncover a few secret options as well as workarounds you didn’t know existed.

These 10 articles written by some fellow Squarespace-loving entrepreneurs are the best on the web. They’re perfect for those just beginning with their new Squarespace site.

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1. A Guide To Squarespace


Nora breaks it down super sweet and quickly. This article goes through errything you need to know about switching to Squarespace from another platform (I’m looking at you WordPress). Also included are many videos on basic topics you’ve likely been wondering about including design, using blocks, URL mapping, SEO, domain migrating, etc.

2. How to effectively use Squarespace blocks to create beautiful blog posts


A Squarespace site is made up of blocks. This post delves into the most commonly used blocks as well as provides some outside-the-box ideas on how to get creative and make unique things happen with seemingly basic blocks. (While this article mentions using blocks in blog posts, the tips are absolutely applicable to any part of your Squarespace site.)

3. A Step-By-Step Guide for Choosing The Right Squarespace Template


Before we get too far ahead of ourselves here, we need to slow down and have you pick a template. Picking a template is the first step in creating your new site. You’ll want one that can scale and grow with your site over time, so be sure to browse Lauren’s tips to find the right fit for you.

4. The Many Uses of the Squarespace Summary Block


This article delves into your new favourite Squarespace block, the summary block. A clear and example filled post with all of the many ways you can display your content with the summary block. It’s the block you didn’t know you could live without. Now you know.

5. 3 Unique Ways To Use Squarespace Cover Pages


Kelsey will walk you through how to make the most effective use of the cover page feature. She also shows you some perfect examples of sites which have created effective and beautiful coming soon and sign up pages with the cover page option.

6. Customizing Squarespace: Optimizing Your Website With Social Media


This short and sweet guide shows you every options there is to ensure your site is as social as possible. You’ll even learn about some options to auto-push your new website content straight to your social accounts, so you can automate some of your social work.

7. How to use Squarespace to create a website: 7 steps to prepare for your site design


This post is as in-depth as they come and sets you up perfectly to stop questioning what the right next step is, and will guide you clearly to get started on your site already!

8. 3 ways to get a Squarespace discount/coupon code


Because who doesn’t like saving a few dollars on something they were going to pay for anyways?!

9. Quick Tips To Help Manage Your Squarespace Blog With Ease


If you’ll be blogging on your new Squarespace site, you’re going to love the many features Deana clearly displays that you likely did not know were available at all. Your blogging process just became a whole lot more streamlined and simplified.

10. What is the best Squarespace template? Brine. Here’s why.


In case you don’t want to spend hours trying to decide on which template is best, this post will get you started quick, on the best template family Squarespace has to offer!

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