Here and there when desining your Squarespace website you might run into something you’d really like to create, but aren’t quite sure of how to make it happen. Thankfully, some ingenious bloggers have come up with some fabulous workarounds to many of the common issues Squarespace users face.

This list compiles the very best of them.

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Adding an author profile to the end of a blog post

Meg Summerfield at Square Design Guild made ingenious use of the Gallery Carousel block to make a beautiful and functional author profile. See how she did it here.

Connecting a ConvertKit form to a cover page

Roxy from CGS Creative helped me sooo much when she posted this workaround on her blog! You can add a ConvertKit sign up form anywhere that you can insert a code block. Unfortunately that’s not possible on Squarespace cover pages, so this work around is a perfect find!

Roxy utilizes a little bit of code to hide the header navigation, and footer to make a ‘mock’ cover page to use for email signups. This page that’s just focused on one call to action is super effective. Thanks Roxy! See how she did it here.

See Roxy’s before and after landing/cover pages. Much cleaner, right?

img via CGS Creative

img via CGS Creative

Adding a sidebar on a template that doesn’t have one

Rekita takes you through a very simple and effective tutorial on how to add a sidebar to a template or page that doesn’t already automatically have one. This one will be helpful for the masses! See how she did it here!

Offering a free guide/course on your website

Kelsey from Paper & Oats shows us how to make a free mini course/guide within our websites that looks like a proper course. She uses Jen Carringtons guide as an example. See how she did it here! (Plus there’s 2 other fab workarounds in the same post!)

img via Jen Carrington

Changing the blog archive layout

I fully admit, I’m far from in love with the blog archive block Squarespace offers. Thankfully Lauren from Elle & Company solved this problem by showing us multiple ways to set up your blog archive layout that all look fabulous. Using just the summary block & a few tags, you’ll be good to go! See how she did it here.

Here’s 2 options of what her finished archive looked like.

Adding a secondary navigation

Meagen from Forth and Create added a ‘fake’ secondary navigation to her Ishimoto template, though this same tactic may be used on a number of templates. Any template that has a ‘blog header content’ or ‘intro’ area at the top of a page can utilize this workaround using just the text block & links. See how she did it here.

Adding a back to the top button on a template that doesn’t already have one

The team at Muno Space gives a great guide on how to make text links, button blocks, or images all ‘Back To The Top’ buttons, along with a little help from the code block. The code for this one is superrrr simple, promise. See how they did it here.

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