At some point in time when conducting business online, you’re going to want/need some copyright free stock images.

You might be announcing an upcoming project or trip and be in need of promotional images, but of course as the project/trip has not taken place yet, you don’t have any images to show off.

Or, you simply need an image of a desk, and you would rather not waste time cleaning up your desk, spreading out your laptop, your most professional pens, stapler, and coffee cup, and then drag the desk around to windows in your home to find the perfect lighting?

It can be very tempting to pull a photo off Google images instead of going to all that trouble of creating your own images.

But a word of caution, assume every image you find is protected by copyright, unless it’s stated otherwise very clearly. Getting into copyright image trouble is somewhere no one wants to be.

Thankfully, some kind people in this world have put their images up online to be used freely by others. Sometimes a link back is requested, sometimes they really do come strings unattached.

It seems to be widely accepted that finding truly professional quality copyright free images are extremely difficult to come by.

This list should help you sort through the rubble and get to the gems of photos you’ve been searching so desperately for.

1. Unsplash

  • Truly professional quality shots. This website is a new favourite of many bloggers I’ve spoken with.

2. FreeImages

  • This site is not so much beautiful photos, more so good quality photos of the random things in life you may need.

3. Travel Coffee Book

  • A whole lot of nature, landscapes and travel shots.

4. Stock Up

  • Stock Up is unique in that it is a website that searches a number of other free stock photo websites to bring everything into one place. It is a mecca of artsy shots, landscapes, and nature.

5. Pexels

  • Modern shots of daily life, people, and nature.

6. Jay Mantri

  • Artistic shots of every day living, textures, and photos perfect for backgrounds.

7. Death To The Stock Photo

  • A little different from the other websites, pop in your email to receive a package of stock images monthly, all free.

8. Cupcake

  • A small, but powerful collection of stunning, (primarily) nature shots.

9. Good Free Photos

  • This website states it like it is in the title; good, free photos.

10. BucketListly

  • This is a collection of high quality travel photos, sorted by location.

Tell me, do you have a favourite stock photography site not listed? I’m always on the lookout for more!

10 Guaranteed No-Fuss Stock Photography Websites