Back in the day I was listening to all the successful entrepreneurs online, trying to follow their advice to success.

One of the things I heard was ‘focus on just one thing at a time.’

Alright I thought, well I have about 52 things I want to do this year but I’ll narrow it down to 12 and do 1 a month.

The first month I focused on commenting in Facebook groups. The second month on, Instagram, the third month on Pinterest, the fourth month on creating a new opt-in gift, etc.

Now I look back and laugh a little. “That was NOT was the experts were intending Paige!”

Years later and I give a new marketing strategy a YEAR to test it, not a month.

Your test period should go long enough not just to dip your toe into something, it should be long enough that you become an expert at that thing, really test if it works for then, then have it to the point it’s simple to do and feels like second nature, THEN move on.

A big mistake I made at the beginning of my business