I now have experience creating all 3 major types of content, blogs, podcasts & videos.

I’ve settled on sticking to blogging & YouTube videos as my areas of focus.


Let me walk you through the thought process.

I started with blogging because it was quite simply the easiest.

I didn’t have a microphone or any idea how to actually create a podcast episode (“where do you get an announcer person from and how do I upload my episodes to iTunes I wondered?”).

I also definitely didn’t have any sort of legit space to create videos. Not to mention my frequently-moving lifestyle didn’t lend well to it. Nor did I have the space in my apartment to set up a video area.

With blogging, I just needed an idea and my laptop.

If I were to do it again, I’d do it the same.

Video & podcasts was way too complicated at the start. So much so that I know I wouldn’t have followed through if I set myself such a high bar.

Now don’t get me wrong, there is SO MUCH VALUE in podcasting & video!

It’s just way harder to get started with.

I next moved onto podcasting. Realizing however that as much as I loved it (I really did!) the format didn’t lend itself really well to my topic of Squarespace tutorials. It was great for the side of my business related to business strategy & becoming a web designer, but clearly made little to no sense when it came to how to tutorials for something related to website building.

So when time allowed (and let’s be honest, I had a team member who could own the “YouTube project”) I could finally get into video.

Google is the #1 search engine.

#2 is YouTube.

And because organic traffic is SO vital to my business, moving onto the second most searchable content platform has been enticing for a long time.

Now that I have a dedicated room in our new home to be my office/YouTube studio, I can whip up videos easily. And my marketing team member takes care of everything that is not my face on the camera.

So in short, I chose to start with blogging because it had the lowest barrier to entry.

I moved onto podcasting but realized that the format didn’t play well with a major type of content I produce, Squarespace tutorials.

And I started videos on YouTube to further own the SEO search results.

With help, YouTube is now possible and is a huge area of opportunity.

I genuinely think I would have had an ice cubes chance in hell of accomplishing YouTube on my own.

So that’s how I picked!

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