One common design element you’ll find on my site, in opt-in gifts and now and again on my blog post graphics is custom icons, created in my brands colors and style.

My icons are a bit more complex and detailed than most, so you would expect it takes me forever to create one right? Thankfully, that’s not the case at all!

Each one takes me under 1 minute to create!

(So great right?!)

I’m often asked how I create these, so here’s the post explaining how it’s done.

I toyed with creating them from scratch all myself, but to be honest, it really would take forever if I did that, and then I’d likely just get lazy and not make them at all.

So instead, I work from a starting point, and customize from there.

My go-to for icons is They have, by far, the biggest and best selection of icons all in one place that I’ve found online!

Flaticon has both a free plan and a premium one.

The main difference between the 2 plans? The free plan you must link back to where you got the icon, and don’t have access to some premium icons. With the premium plan, there’s no linking back to Flaticon required, and you’ll have access to a number of premium icons.

I now pay monthly for the premium plan, so you’ll find a few of the premium icons around this site.

Granted, the selection on the free plan even without premium icons is really amazing, so both are good options.

Okay, so I have my starting point from the icons I get from Flaticon.

How do I customize the colors to fit my brand? That’s in this video!

I hope that helped solve the mystery around how I create these!

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