Remember blogrolls?

You know, you went to a bloggers site and they had a page that said ‘blogroll’ and it linked to a bunch of other blogs that blogger loved!

Which was soooo useful, because finding good bloggers with the style or content you wanted can be hard.

And if your favorite blogger loved another blogger, there’s a pretty decent chance you’d like too.

Is it just me, or is it hard to find people who post consistently good content on a blog?

Yeah there’s a zillion people on Instagram with posts daily, but solid blog content I just find so much more valuable.

The bloggers I follow now I’ve probably been following since … honestly I even started reading blogs. Like what … 7 years ago?

Anyways, blogrolls were

1. Genuinely useful for finding other good blogs to follow


2. Gold for SEO!

So to my fellow blogger friends out there, what do you think?

Should we bring back the blogroll?

Before you run off… here’s a freebie I thought you might like!

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Bring back the blogroll