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About today’s guest

I don’t know about you, but generally when I think of financial experts, I think of old guys in fancy offices meeting their clients 1:1 for financial advice.

Our guest today does things a little differently than how a traditional financial expert would, and instead these guys run a YouTube channel on personal finance for Germans. It’s a pretty specific and unexpected online business to say the least, but it’s also very successful.

Arno and Thomas run FinanzFluss, a YouTube channel which consistently receives hundreds of thousands of views on their videos. This is especially impressive seeing that they serve the German-speaking market only, which obviously has a much smaller reach than any business that targets English speakers. They cover everything from should you how much house can you afford to understanding the stock market to deciding which index funds to buy to an intro to Bitcoin on their channel.

The two founders are now full-time running this YouTube-based business, and today we’re talking with Arno to learn how he turned his passion for personal finance into a very successful, profitable online business.

If you’ve ever dreamed of starting a super niche online business on YouTube, this episode is for you!

A few highlights

  • What is FinanzFluss and who does it serve? Plus, how Arno and Thomas settled on their idea for this uber niche business. (2:45)

  • Batching 89 YouTube videos at a time and other challenges of working remotely as a team (4:50)

  • Know your audience: Timing the upload of your videos to get the most engagement (and how YouTube Metrics keep them accountable when it comes to deadlines) (7:19)

  • What keeps these full-time YouTubers from branching out into blogging, podcasting, or other forms of content. Plus, Arno’s tips for repurposing your content across multiple platforms (9:15)

  • What it was like when they first started hosting their YouTube Channel vs. what it’s like now (and how their earliest content set them up for success) (12:46)

  • The pros and cons of keeping your 9-5 and the struggles FinanzFluss faced while side-hustling their new online business idea (16:30)

  • Arno talks the emotional aspects of the hustle. Plus, how they knew it was the right time to quit their jobs and pursue their dream as full-time YouTubers (19:25)

  • Making decisions when you run your online business with another person (and what to do when your business partner pisses you off) (20:30)

  • Arno and Thomas’s YouTube Channel growth strategy and why the market for YouTube Channels expands as our tech savvy generation grows older (22:09)

  • Addicted to going viral: how to deal with the pressure to constantly be producing click-worthy content (23:23)

  • Titles, descriptions and captions 101: Arno’s tools for SEO research when you host a YouTube Channel. Plus, a quick lesson on best practices when it comes to creating your YouTube video’s thumbnail (25:27)

  • How FinanzFluss uses Facebook groups to get to know their audience (32:14)

  • Should content creators read their YouTube Channel’s comments? Facing the fear of negative feedback on your videos (33:28)

  • Monetizing your YouTube Channel: the two main revenue streams that have worked for them (35:00)

  • Arno chats growing their team and the challenges they face in hiring just the right person for their super niche online business (37:55)

Having totally skipped the 9-5 myself, I love to encourage and educate people who are looking to leave their job behind and build a successful, income-earning online business.

I’m always plugging a lifestyle of complete financial, locational, and scheduling freedom, and I love to use other people’s stories here on the podcast to show that that lifestyle is 100% possible!

To close out this episode, I asked Arno one of my favorite questions to ask guests on the show:

“What advice would you give yourself if you were just starting out?”

So imagine my surprise when Arno’s advice was to get a 9-5 before ever attempting to start your own online biz! (Tune in around the 39:45 mark to hear Arno’s reasons for this truly unexpected bit of advice!)

Wondering if it’s possible to take your super-niche passion and turn it into a successful online biz? You do not want to miss this! Head over to iTunes or Spotify to catch the full episode!

(Photo of today’s guest: © Holger Diderich)

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