No matter if you’re completely new to being a website designer, or if you’ve been at it for a while but just aren’t totally loving the type of work that keeps coming your way, this post will help!

Today we’re going to talk about the very specific steps you can take in order to attract truly dream clients to your Squarespace web design business!

(Though these strategies could apply to a number of different businesses if we’re being honest.)

Let’s not waste a moment, here’s some of my best strategies for attracting your absolute ideal clients!

1. Pitch to get the exact work you want

Pitching WORKS y’all!

I was just at a mastermind in California and one of ladies there described how her current FB ads manager went after her and hard pitched her. (And clearly, it worked!)

This FB ads manager did some browsing online and found her 100 dream clients. We’re talking major business owners running million and multi-million dollar online empires.

Then she pitched hard.

She got each potential client’s address and sent gifts along with a note from ‘your future Facebook ads manager.’

She directly told each potential client that they were her ideal client, and one way or another, no matter how much time it took, she would be their FB ads manager.

She followed that up with a thorough assessment of one of the potential client’s ads, and revamped it for what she would have done. How she would have written the copy different, how she would have designed the graphics differently, what audiences she would have targeted, and what overall strategy she would have used.

It worked. She now has 80+ of those 100 clients she originally listed. And each one is her ideal client.

So if you want to land ideal clients, the best place to start is by defining exactly who your ideal client is and making a list of them. Then, pitch!

2. Strategically share certain portfolio pieces

I had built a solid 50+ websites when I was still doing 1:1 site designs, but I only had 8 items in my portfolio.


Because your portfolio will attract similar work to what is displayed, so it’s worth being veryyy strategic about what goes into your portfolio.

(Genuinely, some of my absolute favorite clients and websites didn’t make it into my portfolio, just because while I loved that specific project, for whatever reason, it wasn’t the type of work I was really going after in the future.)

To figure out how to strategically pick those pieces that make it into your portfolio, first we need to talk about that ideal client/niche again.

You can build a niche around just about anything.

Maybe you want to be the Squarespace web designer for sales pages, or for minimalist site designs or for schools or for female creative business owners, etc.

Once you know your ideal client, and therefore the type of work you want to continue to attract, put only those past portfolio items into your portfolio.

Honestly, it’s genuinely worth having less items in your portfolio that are extremely clear and tight in terms of communicating your niche and ideal client as opposed to a hodge podge of different work.

Think of your ideal client on your website looking at your portfolio page and asking themself the question “if my website came out looking somewhat like this one, would I be happy?”

If you don’t think their answer would be a yes, take that item out of your portfolio.

By having a portfolio full of past work that your ideal client will love, the better chance you have of them wanting to work with YOU!

3. Take screenshots immediately after finishing the site!

Ready for the absolute most practical, you-can-implement-it-right-away item on this list?

Take screenshots immediately after finishing the site!

I truly cannot drive home the importance of this to you enough!

It literally only takes 1 mistake in this department to learn your lesson, but I don’t want for you to have to learn it by yourself at all, so please just take this to heart from this moment on.

You likely spent weeks, long days and a lot of thought on each aspect of the sites you’ve designed.

You intentionally chose each photo and where it should go, how each graphic is designed, and how the layout of the navigation was set up.

You designed it to conversion, SEO and design best practices and then hand it off to your client… Who uploads new content, and maybe rearranges a few things in a way you don’t reallyyyy love.


It takes a LOT of work to create a great portfolio piece and getting clients with the businesses and content that makes you excited to put their work into your portfolio is tough to come by at the beginning. So that thing is worth gold, and you should treat it as such.

Be sure before you hand the reigns over to your client that you get full-page screenshots of each page.

Yeah, I get it, every web designer ever has pieces of work they “at some point want to update their portfolio with” but it’s at the bottom of some long list of things to do.

But seriously, act with a sense of urgency on getting the screenshots, because it really is a heart-sinking feeling when you go back 3 months later to one of your absolute favorite websites has all new content on it that you don’t love as much as the original.



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