So you’re considering creating content to help grow your business? You my friend are one smart cookie! Sharing valuable content on your topic of expertise is one of the absolute best marketing tools available.

This blog is the reason I’m known for my Squarespace website design expertise.

Without it, I’d just be another Squarespace designer crossing my fingers, hoping for the next client and praying I made enough money in my business to support my life.

Because this blog is now known for the valuable Squarespace info it provides, I booked out my design calendar, doubled the prices of my services and then moved from one-on-one services to one-to-many courses as I was no longer able to serve all the clients coming my way.

Blogging for business is powerful. It’s also a very non-sleazy marketing method.

You’re basically just providing helpful info on your topic and then mentioning the services/products that can help someone reach their desired goal faster.

That’s got a totally different feel compared to a 30 second TV commercial shouting ‘Call now to order your XYZ, and when you buy in the next 15 mins, we’ll throw in a knife set FREE!’

Okay, so you’re ready to blog for your business. Wahoo!

Now, what do you write about?

Here’s a few ideas to get you started.

1. What to look for in an (insert your business type here) and # red flags to avoid

You know your industry well because you’re in it. For someone new to your industry though it can be hard to figure out exactly what they need to look for and what to avoid when choosing a service or product provider.

For example, I’m looking to buy a new couch. (And feeling like a real adult as I do it!)

After some research I learned that a good quality couch has a solid wood frame and reinforced corners. This was news to me as this was my first time buying a non-Ikea couch, but useful for sure.

I’m new to the couch-buying industry so honestly I’m clueless and I appreciate when a manufacturer explains what to look for and then links me straight to some couches that fit those criteria. They informed me and made me an educated buyer so I can be confident with my purchase.

Do the same for your audience. Explain in a blog post what to look for (and maybe also what to look out for – those red flags) when shopping in your field.

P.S. This is my new couch! Like it?! Im in love. Yes I realize beige is a risky color but I can’t help myself. Advice on how to get spills and stains out of a light colored couch are totally appreciated. Legit comment below and tell me if you have any tips or info on that topic .

2. How to prepare to work with an (insert your business type here)

Many industries require some work on the clients part in order to create a product or service. For example, say you’re videographer and are shooting ad spots for a beauty company.

Of course, while it’s your job as the videographer to produce the video content, you’ll need the client to give you both the product so it can be used in the video and direction on the style and look of the video. Only when the client know what they want in the video and gives you the product can you begin.

If you work in a similar industry where the client needs to provide a product or info to you for you to get started, write a blog post explaining what they need to prepare before working with someone in your industry.

And then of course link to your services page!

3. Why we (explain why you do things the way you do)

Let me give an example to make this one a little more clear. Say you have a process or timeline that’s a bit unique to your industry. Maybe you use certain materials in your products. Maybe you shoot on a very specific camera or with a certain lens.

If there’s anything unique about the way you do business, explain it in a post.

4. A behind-the-scenes look at the (your business name) client experience

This one gives potential clients/customers a little look-see at what it’s like to join the club as a client/customer of yours. If you’re going above and beyond to make your client experience exceptional, give people a sneak peek at what they’re going to be treated to once they decide that you are the right product/service provider for them!

5. Do you need to hire an (X) or (X)?

This is another educational post to help your potential clients make the right decision for them. Again, they’re new to your in field and some titles can be confusing.

Most people wouldn’t know the different between a brand designer and a brand strategist.

So if your industry has a few professions that have similar titles, write a post educating your potential clients on which type of person they need to hire to complete the job they need done.

6. Your entrepreneurial story

People love stories, we have for thousands of years. There must have been some reason you got started in your business. Wether it was because you got arthritis at a young age and then decided to become a yoga teacher to heal yourself or you were eyeballs deep in debt and decided to fix your money mindset problems and then moved on to become a success coach.

These stories humanize a business that is otherwise ‘just another yoga studio’ or ‘just another success coach.’

If a client reads your story and your journey and identifies with some of what you say, they’re going to feel a stronger connection to you, they’ll feel that you ‘get it’ and they’ll want to work with you!

Explain the behind the scenes of how your business got started and what led you to create it, then of course, pop a call to action at the bottom of the post inviting them to get in touch to start working together so you can help them achieve

7. A complete guide to getting started with X

This post has very little to do with your business specifically, but has everything to do with being the most darn useful piece of content your dream clients are going to find online.

Write a mega post, we’re talking 4,000 words + that goes super in depth on exactly how your ideal clients should get started.

Want to see an example of this type of ultimate resource post? I wrote How to start building a website on Squarespace in 2018′ to be the perfect starting place for my dream clients and customers.

It’s the longest post on this blog, it includes section headers, video tutorials, example images and more. It truly is everything you need to get started building a site on Squarespace, which is of course, the main topic of my business!

People pin that post, save it in a notes app on their computer and leave the tab with it open for days. It is so darn helpful to people and they remember me and my business because of it.

If you also want to take this amazing piece of content to the next level, link to other related businesses and resources in your post, then shoot those people an email letting you know you’ve included them.

It’s highly likely if they see it’s a super valuable piece of content their audience could use, they’ll mention it someone in an email, social share or blog post. Meaning you get more eyeballs on your fabulous piece of content!

1 post NOT to share:

I see this one all the time and to be honest, I find it a little useless.

What to expect on this blog

This post is generally just a couple lines or paragraphs long and states what the blogger intends to write, but doesn’t provide any value in and of itself. Instead, get started right off the bat with jaw-dropping content that’s hellah-useful to your ideal clients.

There you have it! 7 posts to share on your business blog, and 1 to skip.

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