Let’s not sugar-coat it, we all struggle with the comparison game at some (or many) points when running our businesses.

#BusinessEnvy can be a real thing.

And don’t think that the business owners who are further ahead than you are exempt, they’re absolutely not. I’ve met a ton of successful creative entrepreneurs who also struggle with the comparison game at one point or another.

So first things first, it’s normal and everyone else is feeling it. So I hope that gives you some comfort.

But how do you get off the struggle bus and get back to running your own fabulous business?

That’s what I’d love to chat with you about today!

I got sucked into the comparison struggle just the other day and these are the steps I took to end it and move on, so I hope they help you too.

I have some baller successful business friends and I truly am so excited for them when their businesses take off and start killing it. But we all know what a challenge seeing everyone else’s highlight reels online can be.

I spent a solid half a day envious, wishing I had started sooner, wishing I had thought of an idea first, wishing I could jump ship on my own business and join another’s.

I let myself feel all the feels for half a day and then knew it was time to get myself in line.

I took to furiously writing down everything that looked amazing about other people’s businesses that I wanted for myself and my business.

I didn’t hold back and wasn’t shy about admitting ‘I want that too!’ . . . no matter how silly the thing might have been.

I wrote down everything, from a fully paid off mortgage on an amazing house to a business owner who just glows positive vibes daily, to super amazing Insta stories documenting a fun travel lifestyle.

It was a real #noshamegame, I got honest about what I loved in other people’s lives and businesses. I creeped websites, Facebook groups, podcasts and social media listing it all down.

And then I got to work on actually making this exercise into something productive that would move my business forward.

I looked at every item I wrote down as a goal, something I clearly wanted too. I then wrote down exactly what I could do and what I could change to get myself closer to that goal, and make these things happen for myself and my business too.

Basically, I wasn’t going to just let myself sit there envious, I turned it around into solutions of what I could do to also see similar results.

I then grouped up all of my solutions into themes; financial, social media, general business, personal lifestyle, website, etc.

Now, I’m getting to work on adding these things to my list of goals and implementing them, knowing that when I set my mind to something, I can make it happen.

Now, I can look around at my fellow business owners not as people to be envious of, but as an example of what’s possible, showing me my goals can be a reality.

If you’re also struggling with the comparison game, I encourage you to take some time to really feel it and accept what you really want without shame. But be sure to not let this drag on forever, that wouldn’t be an enjoyable or productive place to stay.

After that you’ve got to determine exactly what you can do to make these things happen in your life too, set some goals and get to work.

I’ll be over here cheering you on along the way sweet friend!

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