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English With Rebecca Website Design

Rebecca had worked both abroad and online teaching English for a number of different schools, and now was really wanting to start up her own English lessons service and website. 

She wanted a place to send new potential clients directly, as well as be able to take payments and have students book class times, all easily online in one place.

Rebecca wants for her students to have fun while taking her classes, and so she wanted her site to be the very opposite of the typical, corporate language learning services you'll find online. Rebecca wanted to begin differentiating her lessons from all the others out there with a fun, modern design.

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Sequel Professional Development Website Design

Dara is the owner of Sequel Professional Development based out of beautiful Hawaii. Dara wasn't looking for a traditional, corporate looking website, but instead wanted something more casual, welcoming and infused with tropical vibes, incorporating her location into her online home.

Dara choose the 2 Week Website + Brand package, so we whipped up her Squarespace website, alongside an updated and modernized logo that fit her brands overall feel better, as well as business cards and social media graphics.

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Amy Demas Website Design

Amy came to me with an exact knowledge of what she was looking for.

This came as no surprise as Amy is a professional Creative Director, having worked with a couple small brands you might have heard of before 😉; Victoria's Secret, White House Black Market, Revlon, Vogue Mexico, Harper's Bazar, Target, West Elm, Bloomingdales and William-Sonoma, just to name a few.

Amy was looking for a site that gave off a chic, elevated, stylish, fashion oriented vibe and had a very clean look overall.

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Enlightening Souls Website Design

A fellow B-Schooler, Peyton, got in touch because she needed some fancy new functionality on her Squarespace site. Peyton had already built out a number of the site pages herself, and did a truly wonderful DIY job!

She was getting caught up on how exactly to sell her debut product, Soul Power Nutrient Boost For Women, both through her Squarespace e-commerce online store, and also sell it subscription-style monthly. Peyton also asked for a little site spruce up; for me to use my design eye to tweak the work she had started.

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Macht Architects Website Design

The team at Macht Architects was transitioning into a family business, and with a new generation joining up, it was time for a revamp of the brand and the website. The Macht Architects team designs sustainable, energy efficient, healthy homes. As I quickly learned from browsing through their imagery, the homes they design are not only built in an environmentally conscious manner, but they're also truly breathtaking.

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Mobile Glam Salon Website Design

Glam on Wheels is a mobile salon. (First thought: Didn’t know that existed unless you were a celebrity!) When speaking with the founder of her business, I immediately thought ‘why don’t they have this where I live?’ 

Fully on board with her business idea, we discussed all the necessities of the website and the style she wanted communicated throughout. We went for a mix of high-end and modern fonts, alongside full width banner images and galleries to make a stunner of a website.

After a lengthly call prior to the start of the project to get on the same page, this was a very quick & easy design process. After sending back the website for review, there was hardly an edit to make!

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Hudson's House of Play Website Design

Dawn from Hudson’s House of Play had DIY’ed her Squarespace website but wasn’t completely happy with what she had produced. Hudson’s House of Play, a very new, but already very successful indoor childrens playspace, needed a website that showed off really how wonderful the space and the company was.

She wanted the website to give the feel that Hudson’s House of Play was a child-centered space, but still wanted the website to look professional, and appeal to the parents maturity too.

Dawn had a few very specific ideas she hoped to see in the website (the style of the footer information, the inclusion of a black and white awning and some icons on the home page), but otherwise left me with creative freedom.

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Omega Sigma Chi Sorority Website Design

After struggling with getting a website that did Omega Sigma Chi Sorority justice for years, the ladies and I were excited to get working on a space they could display proudly online. So many sorority websites are holding onto a look of the past, generally quite busy, lots of patterns, hot pink text with music playing. We wanted this sorority website to stand out and be different from the crowd. We moved towards a more modern design that is popular today but also timeless, with lots of blank space to attract the eye to the important content on the page, clear organization and wide banner images. An easy to understand and navigate website never goes out of style. 

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Riverdel Cheese Website Design

Riverdel Cheese wanted to get online with a website for their Vegan Cheese shop based in Brooklyn, NY. The shop was new to Brooklyn wanted an online space to be inviting to future customers. 

Shop owner Michaela had a few great inspiration websites and styles in mind. Parallel scrolling images, one right after the next, making for an impressive home page, with bold text over top to give information on exactly what the shop was all about. Michaela also liked the idea of having her gallery display in a modern and unusual way, and lots of icons on the contact page, instead of lots of text.

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Kayleigh Ross Photography Website Design

Kayleigh Ross had been making do with a DIY'ed website on Blogger for her photography business. Over the past few years she amassed a great deal of followers and her photography business was doing extremely well. She needed a website that showed off her amazing photography talents and reflect the quality business she was running.

After a chance meeting online, we prepared to get Kayleigh set up on Squarespace. Kayleigh completed her brand + style questionnaire and showed me some of her inspiration websites. She really wanted her photos to shine through and be the centre of attention on the site. We settled on the Wells template, with the navigation stuck to the left hand side of the page to make it easy to click through the pages of the site at all times.

3 words to describe what Kayleigh was looking for? Elegant, professional & easy to navigate!

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