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Ok, now that you are all caught up to speed, let’s jump in!

What the heck is a welcome series/evergreen sequence and why do I need one?

A little birdie told you that if you plan to make money in your online business, you are going to need an email list…

(You can tune into that little birdie, or check out the show notes on episode 006 of the Online Business Besties’s Podcast, This 1 sales strategy generates multiple 6-figures in my online business)

After hearing this, you ran home and created the most fabulous (and relevant) freebie opt-in gift, and included a way for people to sign up for said email list on every single page of your website.

But now what? Do you just leave those people to sit in radio silence on your list until you someday have a paid offering to email them about? No way José!

Introduce yourself and your business! Show up with some real value and warm welcome right away, so that they know they made the right decision in opting in to your list!

In other words, set up a welcome sequence (A.K.A a series of emails sent over a set number of days, showing your new subscriber around your biz!)

The same is true when you go to sell your first paid offering online.

You could just list your paid offering on your website, send out one email to your whole list and call it a day, but I have news for you…

People are busy and easily distracted by life. The moment someone clicks off of your website to go deal with their screaming toddler, or your one-and-only email gets swallowed up by their inbox, the chances of them returning to buy your offering are slim.

Sending a sequence of emails about your offering to those on your list who have shown an interest in that topic is a great way to provide more information and bring your product or service back to the forefront of their mind!

So once again, you create some sort of freebie-opt in gift that relates to your paid product or service you plan to offer. If someone signs up for that freebie, it signals to you that they are interested in that specific topic and therefore could be interested in hearing about your paid offering!

So, now that we’ve established the usefulness of email sequences, let’s talk about how you go about sending them.

Unless you want to be tied to your inbox 24 hours a day, scrambling to manually send all the right emails at all the right times, you are going to need a way to automate this process. This is where ConvertKit’s awesome Sequences feature comes in!

How to use ConvertKit to send a welcome series/evergreen sequence

1. Draft the series of emails you will include in the sequence

From ConvertKit’s top navigation, select Automations > Sequences > New Sequence, and then name your sequence (ie. Welcome Sequence).

Then, pressed Add Email (left side of the screen) to draft your first email of the sequence. Add as many emails into your sequence as you desire, and don’t forget to press that shiny red Save All button so you don’t lose your work!

With each email you write, you’ll want to customize how soon after signing up your subscriber will receive each email. To do this, press the edit icon beside When To Send, and select the number of days to delay sending by.

You can also specify which days of the weeks emails are allowed to send. If you don’t want to be showing up in people’s inboxes on a weekend, simply uncheck those boxes, and the email will send the next available day.

2. decide who will receive your email series

Now it’s time to tell ConvertKit which subscribers will receive your welcome series or evergreen sequence based on how and when they signed up for your email list.

For example, if you have created a freebie opt-in gift that you are hoping will entice people to sign up for your weekly email newsletters, you will need to create a custom sign-up form for that specific freebie to use on your website.

For more on creating custom sign-up forms to use on your website, check out How to use ConvertKit and Squarespace to send opt-in gifts.

You would also set up a custom form anytime you are offering a freebie as a part of your Evergreen Sales Funnel.

Not sure what all this Sales Funnel business is all about? The Podcast has you covered! Tune in or check out the show notes for episodes 020 BTS: Setting up a sales funnel for a digital product and 018 Passive income & sales funnels 101.

Anyway, back to setting up filters for who will receive your fabulous new email sequence…

Inside each email, press the funnel icon to get the filter drop down to appear.

Select Matching > All and then Add Filter.

Select Subscribed to > Forms and then use the drop down to find the name of the form the subscriber used to sign up.

ie. Your general newsletter form.

3. Decide who shouldn’t receive your email series

There are instances in which you will want to exclude people from a specific email sequence.

For example, if someone subscribed to your general newsletter form, but also opted in using the freebie opt-in form on your website that leads to the top of your evergreen sales funnel, you probably do not want to be sending them both sequences at the same time! That’s too many emails (and the quickest way to send them running for the unsubscribe button!)

To exclude certain subscribers from receiving your email series, press the filter icon and select Matching > None and then Add Filter.

Since we want to exclude people currently in another sequence, we will set the filter settings to:

Subscribed to > Sequences and then use the dropdown to find the name of the sequence they may already be in that you wish to exclude.

So there you have it! The 101 on using ConvertKit to send your welcome series/evergreen sequences!

Don’t forget that you can sign up to try out ConvertKit for free for 14-days

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