I answered a question about my experience with Copywriting for Creatives today and I thought I’d be doing y’all a disservice if I didn’t share the answer with you too.

The girl who asked knew I had paid for and taken Copywriting for Creatives, the course from Ashlyn Carter that helps creative entrepreneurs write conversion copy for their website!

I’ve mentioned taking the course a few times on the blog as well as in videos, though I never actually got around to writing a full review, until now.

So here goes!

First I’ll start off why I even felt like I needed to learn about copywriting, and then also give an overview of what being on the inside of the course is like, as well as what impact joining had on my business.

Copywriting for Creatives review

How I realized the importance of copy

I’ve shared a few times before that I took B-School, Marie Forleo’s course. In it you really set the foundation of your business and get clear on who you’re serving them, how to be unique, market your services and generally delight your customers!

It was during B-School I realized again and again that I was freaking clueless with copywriting. Over the course of B-School, I completely changed who my ideal clients were that I was serving, how I wanted to position myself and the vibe I wanted my business to give off.

It became crystal clear to me throughout B-School that I seriously needed to completely overhaul my website, from the ground up. My site just felt off and not aligned with what I actually wanted to communicate and it gave me this terrible feeling inside knowing people were on my website every day while I was unhappy with it.

Now, as a Squarespace website designer, I have the whole building a fab website thing down, no problem. So that was the good news.

The bad news? Hand-on-my-heart, I swear that writing the text for my website was a straight up nightmare. I legit was so clueless.

My copywriting process looked like this:

  1. Google/Pinterest a few blog posts on how to write the type of page I was building

  2. Sit down to write. Still feel helpless and not get anywhere

  3. Find a podcast episode with a copywriter, listen to it hoping to pick up some knowledge

  4. Download a few opt-in gifts

  5. Legit write a list of tips and things I picked up from all my blog post reading, listening to podcasts and downloading opt-in gifts

  6. Sit down to write again and continue to feel lost as to how to take the tips and actually write words with them

  7. Look at the clock horrified with how long it was taking me to write text for just one page

  8. Write something out quickly, feel even too embarrassed to show it to anyone to proof read, because I thought it sounded silly

  9. Hit publish, and cringe, hoping no one really read my site

After attempting my terrible copywriting process a few times, I decided I honestly needed help. I started searching around for copywriters and pricing.

I legit got in touch with one and was chatting price when I realized that if I just hired someone to write my home, about and services page, I was putting a band-aid on a much larger issue.

I’m a full-time web designer, but you know what? I legit write copy just as often as I design websites.

Between blog posts, emails, social media posts and then the pages on my site, I spend just as much time writing as I do designing.

And having someone write 3 pages of my site for me I knew wasn’t really going to solve anything. I knew that every time I went to sit down to write an email or Instagram post, I’d be stuck again.

It was then that I decided that this was a skill I needed to learn myself.

And what do you know, Ashlyn’s course was open for enrolment just as I came to this realization. I signed up and was committed to doing everything she assigned.

What it’s like on the inside

One word: comprehensive.

Ashlyn does wayyy more than hand you some fill-in-the-blank templates and send you on your way.

She truly teaches you the why behind copy that converts. The first few lessons honestly, you don’t write a word of your site copy, she’s just teaching best practices of copywriting and helping you define your own authentic voice.

She also teaches a fabulous (secret) exercise that has been gaining me massively valuable business and copy information, directly from my subscribers for years now! I have this massive bank of copy, words and phrases straight from the mouths of my potential customers.

I refer back to that document often. If I ever feel like my writing is feeling off, I look back at that document to spice things up.

Imma be honest, this course will be a time investment because there really is a lot in it. She didn’t skimp on the lessons, that’s for sure.

I kinda think of Ashlyn’s course as two parts, part one is all the prep work. Teaching you the tricks of the copywriting trade, finding your authentic voice, learning to sound just like your customer, preparing a word bank and seeing examples from others that are killing it with copy.

Part two is the write-your-actual-website part.

It’s where she takes you step by step through the common types of pages on a site and shows you the strategy for each. (Yes, there’s legit strategy to conversion writing.)

She makes the order clear and walks through the psychology of what’s going on in your site visitors head as they’re working their way down a page.

I recently had to write a new services page and honestly, I’ve never written a page faster.

I pulled out the guide video and workbook for that page type and flew through typing out what needed to be on the page.

Once you know the foundation stuff, it’s so easy to fly through writing future pages.

Without a doubt though, my absolute favorite part of the course was the live Q+A calls. Let’s be real, hiring Ashlyn 1:1 doesn’t come cheap (appropriately so) and when you’re taking a course with lots of other students, it can be easy to get swept away and feel lost in a sea of many.

But the live calls were exactly what I needed. If you’re going to take the course, I highly suggest you put the calls into your calendar and making sure you attend them.

You can legit tell Ashlyn your copy ideas for your site, ask questions specific to your business and get answer from the pro.

Getting Ashlyn’s direct feedback was super valuable, and she course corrected me a few times when I was going astray with my words. (I’m especially good at that .)

Was it worth it?

So the question I got earlier today was basically this: “was it worth it?”

My answer?

Yes! Every year I reflect on my business and list out things that were time and money well spent. Ashlyn’s course definitely topped that list.

I’ve now been getting lots of compliments on how my website ‘sounds’ relatable and like I get my readers struggles. And that’s high praise because that was far from the case before.

I went from sounding like an ugly duckling on my site to people legit taking the time to send me emails and messages to tell me how they feel like I 100% get them on my site, are talking individually just to them and that I sound like someone they want to be besties with.

(New friends?! Heck yes! )

That’s not something I ever would have expected, but every time I get one of those messages I’m pleasantly surprised.

Since taking Ashlyn’s course and writing my website and sales pages per her guidance, my business sales have taken off! I don’t know the exact dollar figure Copywriting for Creatives made for me, but I’m confident in saying I think the course paid for itself many times over.

So if you want the opinion of someone who has taken the course, yes it’s worth it and I’m super happy I took it.

So happy that now I’m an affiliate! I can easily recommend Copywriting for Creatives because I paid for it, took it and saw fab results, so it’s something I’m really pleased to promo anytime Ashlyn opens enrollment.

If you wanna grab a seat inside the course, click the button below.

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