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About Today’s Guest

Today on the Podcast, I am joined by business friend and uber successful brand designer Kadie Smith of Drop Cap Design.

Kadie has been designing absolutely gorgeous brand identities for creative businesses and entrepreneurs for quite a few years now.

Seriously, take a hot second and peep her portfolio.

(We’ll wait.)

In this episode, we’re doing a deep dive into all the many bits and pieces that go into building a brand. So whether you are a business newbie just barely ready to launch, or you’ve been on the scene a while now, this episode is for you!

A Few Highlights

  • Why your brand is sooo much more than a logo and color scheme (2:58)

  • Kadie shares her process for discovering and creating a brand. Plus, the 10 steps to realigning your brand with your original intentions (3:54)

  • Knowing your product and service: understanding the value of what it is your selling (and who you need to be in order to deliver it) (5:06)

  • Dreaming big with your brand: what your best life looks like on a day-to-day basis (6:08)

  • Identifying your values (AKA defining the experience you want those who interact with your brand or product to have) (6:59)

  • What your personal life has to do with your brand (and why some business owners seem to be just going through the motions) (8:40)

  • Comparing ourselves to the brands we admire. Plus, the one thing that sets successful brands apart (9:21)

  • Everything you need to know about creating your Ideal Client Avatar: the biggest mistakes brands make and the questions to ask if you want to totally nail it down (10:05)

  • Your Brand Footprint: Deciding where and when you plan to show up online (19:00)

  • Should you look at your competition while building your brand? Plus, at what stage is your business ready for professional branding? (21:50)

  • How to make sure your business delivers on what your brand promises. (30:59)

My fav quotes from the show

When asked, “How much should your own style preferences play roles in your visual branding?”

“I think it should play a huge role – but I think the way our style shows up in our brand should be a very edited, refined, and intentional version of our personal preference. I like to think ‘where do I align with this person I want to work with in this context?’ then I lean into those commonalities.

I’m not going to throw everything I’ve ever been inspired by at my audience – I just find the things we align on.” – Kadie Smith

Kadie’s thoughts on looking at your competition:

“Start to see your business from your audience’s eyes. They are going to encounter your competition at some point, and it’s helpful for you to think of what might be going through their head when they are interacting with the competition. Why would they want to chose me instead? Maybe that comes down to a different style of doing business or something that is distinct about your product.

It’s not a chance to put down the competition or be really aggressive in the marketplace, it’s just a way to resonate on a distinguishing factor to make that purchasing decision easier. – Katie Smith

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