5 fab podcasts to listen to as a creative entrepreneur


I don't know if y'all know, but listening to podcasts is one of my fav ways to pass time. It's my method of learning from the best in business.

Since I started my business I decided I wasn't going to waste time and effort reinventing the wheel, I was going to look at what those who had been tuly successful did, and apply it to my business.

Podcasts are my fav way to get really quality, in-depth info from the successful online entrepreneurs of the world.

What do I listen to? These are my top 5 recommendations!



The Goal Digger Podcast by Jenna Kutcher

When I was chatting with my subscribers I found out that a LOT of y'all love Jenna too. If you haven't met Jenna and her podcast yet however, be prepared to binge. 

Jenna's podcast is amazing because she is so uplifting, inspiring and spreads the positive, motivational vibes all around.

The Goal Digger podcast is one of the best examples I've seen of an entrepreneur really truly being authentic and honest. If you want to bring more authenticity and transparency to your business, this is a fabulous podcast to listen to to see someone doing it so well!

Jenna also covers a lot of beginner-phase marketing, so if you're just getting your toes dipped into the whole online marketing thing, Jenna has you covered.


Online Marketing Made Easy with Amy Porterfield

If you're more experienced in the marketing department, this podcast is fabulous for keeping up with what's current in the online marketing space, and learning more advanced strategies.

Amy takes complex, advanced strategies and explains them in such a clear way. She really follows through on her promise to make online marketing easy.

Amy covers all forms of online marketing on the podcast, so no matter the platform you're focusing your marketing efforts on, she's got you covered.


Being Boss with Kathleen Shannon and Emily Thompson

If you've been reading this blog for any amount of time, you know that I attribute a lot of my early failure and current success to my mindset.

These ladies cover the entrepreneur mindset so so beautifully, and share personal stories and strategies they've learned to be on your A-Game mindset-wise.

These ladies have years of experience in the entrepreneur-world, so I always get the impression that they speak with true wisdom and knowledge.

They also share a ton of massively practice information in their minisodes on topics such sending client gifts, firing employees/contractors, what to do when partnerships go sour, etc. I love that I get to see how other entrepreneurs are dealing with issues I'm facing or will likely face down the road, so I find their minisodes to be super valuable listens.


Strategy Hour with Abagail and Emylee

You can quickly tell that these ladies have a darn good time running their business together, and listening in on the podcast feels like you're sitting as a fly on the wall during one of their business chats.

These ladies share a lot of the behind-the-scenes of their business on their podcast. From reflecting on months, launches, mistakes, etc., they share what they're up to and what's happened in their business in a very open way.

They've chatted a lot about money-mindset and other woo-woo things which I'm personally a big fan of. They also personally seem to be really into the idea of having a business that works around their lives, and not the other way around so I'm a big fan of hearing how exactly they implement making money online without working around the clock constantly like a lot of entrepreneurs do.


Smart Passive Income with Pat Flynn

This was the very first online-business related podcast I got into, wayyyy before I ever had a business or even considered starting one. How I found it then, I really have no idea but I'm so glad I did.

Pat feels like such a genuine, kind person, and is all about providing true value to his followers and it comes through in all of his suggestions and advice on building an online business.

Pat has many top experts join him for interviews on the podcast but he also balances it out with interviews with listeners who took the podcast advice, implemented it and saw results.

It's a perfect mix of advice from highly experienced online entrepreneurs and stories of success from those just begging started.