“Students, please grab out your pen and a piece of paper. It’s test time!”

No really, I want you to score your site for just a moment here.

Here’s what you’ll be tested on:

Your websites Calls To Action (or CTA).

This is how it works.

Every page on our sites needs a CTA.

A CTA generally comes in the form of a button, or it could also be some super noticeable text.

A CTA is a big, can’t be missed, attention grabbing link that takes visitors to the next page of your choosing.

CTA’s help us get our site visitors from where they are to where we want them to be (ahem – the pages that make us the dolla dolla bills)!

As a site visitor myself there’s been countless times I’ve been on a site, read about someones offering, I get all excited and am ready to buy their product/service and there’s no next step… Nowhere to go. No info on the next thing I need to do to inquire/book/buy.

Eeeeek! Nawt good.

Your site visitor should never be left thinking ‘… what’s next?’

Don’t feel pushy or annoying, it’s your job to guide your site visitors through your site and encourage them to take the action you want them to make.

So, back to our test.

Every page on your site needs a CTA.

It’s time to score your site to see how well you’re doing on this.

First, count up the number of pages.

Let’s say you have 10 pages on your site.

Then count up the number of pages with a CTA on them, give yourself a point for each page with a CTA.

(Note: if you have multiple CTA’s on a page, that’s still 1 point, not a point per CTA).

Then score yourself on pages with a CTA/total pages.

If you have 5 pages with a CTA on a 10 page site you get a 5/10.

What we’re going for here is a perfect score. Nothing less than 100% on this test will do!

But the good news is, I’ll let you do some editing to your site then take the test again before you submit your results in the comments (what can I say, I’m a nice teacher).

Go into your site editor and add a button to every page, it can be either within the page content or at the bottom of the page.

CTA button rules

1. It’s fine to have multiple different CTA’s on a page 90% of the time.

Your home page will likely have multiple. Also, any page that tells about different offerings or separates out visitors into types will have multiple CTA buttons.

Example 1: when you have two different sides to your business, such as calligraphy and copy writing, then your CTA buttons should sort your visitors and direct them to the ‘side’ of your business they’re interested in.

Example 2: you have a number of packages at very different price points or methods to work with you, then you can then have a Work With Me page that has multiple CTA buttons taking visitors to your different offerings or price points.

2. There’s 2 pages you don’t want to have multiple CTA buttons: opt-in pages and sales/services pages.

On an opt-in page you don’t want anything distracting from that pages goal – getting your visitor to opt-in!

Not only do you want the only CTA on that page to be to opt-in, you want to eliminate every other link on that page.

If you’re on Squarespace use a Cover Page as an opt-in page. Why? A cover page has no header and footer, it’s clean and direct to the point, ensuring your visitors aren’t getting distracted from the ultimate goal, the opt-in!

Using the Cover Page as an opt-in page works if your email list is with MailChimp. If you’re using some other email marketing system, follow this guide to hack a cover page with a regular page.

On your sales/services page you want 1 maybeeee 2 CTA’s. First, you want your CTA to be to book/inquire/buy (however you do things). The second CTA you may have is to book a free consult call.

There’s no harm in repeating these same CTA’s throughout the page, in fact I’d encourage it.

How to get a perfect score on the CTA test

If when you did the test the first time you came out with a score that wasn’t perfect, here’s the next steps.

  1. Head into your site editor and add a CTA to every page

… That’s it. Not hard right?

Okay, now you’ve taken my test once, or maybe twice I want you to tell me, what’s your score?! Leave it in the comments.

Class dismissed.

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