In life, ‘getting around’ is generally one of those things that is not looked so highly upon. BUT, when it comes to blog posts, the more promiscuous those little things are the better!

So let’s get that new blog post of yours shared alllllll around the internet, shall we?

Wether you’re a big blogging fish with an impressive following or a new, smaller blogger, it’s important to get others to share your content.


That following you have there are truly a fantastic bunch. However we want you to continue to grow, spread your one-of-a-kind message and have as many people as possible benefit from your valuable content, right? And the best way to get in front of new eyes is to have your fantastic followers spread the word for you.

So how do you get others to share your content? Let’s ensure your website is set up to make sharing as simple as possible.

I’m going to go through 6 actionable, DIY ways you can ensure your Squarespace website is in tip-top sharing shape.

There’s both some built-in Squarespace sharing options you can enable and tweak, as well I’ll share some external systems I personally use that may be integrated into a site. Between the two, we’ll push the sharing options over the top!

How To Make Your Squarespace Site Super-Shareable

1. Turn On The Pin-It Button

If you’re not so fond of how the Pin-It button looks on your site and want to customize it to fit your brand, I’ve used and recommend Square Plugins Customizable Pin-It button code before ($14).

2. Squarespace Share Buttons

How these buttons display is controlled by your template (more on this below). For these buttons you may either enable specific social channels based off our knowledge of you audience, or select them all.

External Sharing Systems

3. Click To Tweet

Tweet: Here’s how to make sharing your blog posts easy by adding a click to tweet button

— Tweet It!

The free service has the most simple system to create these links. Just paste in the text you want to make Tweetable, copy the generated link, then paste that link into your blog post. You’re set to go, it couldn’t be more simple. Not to mention, tracks the clicks on your Tweetable links so you can geek out on analytics later.

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4. Add A Pinterest-Friendly Image

Having a Pinterest optimized image for every post is really a non-negotiable.

Pinterest is SO important for bloggers. In fact, I’d go as far as to call it ‘God’s gift to bloggers’. Pinterest really is that powerful at driving traffic and getting new eyes on your posts.

All bloggers, mommy bloggers, fitness bloggers, business bloggers, etc., must be on Pinterest. Your audience is on Pinterest and you need to give those people an image to save for every post!

You’ll want to include a Pinterest-optimized image somewhere within your post. For The Paige Studio I always have my Pinterest image at the top of the post, though the bottom or somewhere in between is fine too.

Pinterest’s guide on making the most effective pins may be found here and to create those perfect pins I always suggest Canva is a free online image creation program which is the simplified version of Adobe Illustrator and the more powerful version of PicMonkey.

5. Shareaholic’s desktop share buttons

So to go ahead and somewhat contradict myself, I’m going to say that it might be worth turning off the Squarespace social sharing buttons I mentioned above in a rare few circumstances.

Squarespace’s social sharing buttons display differently for each template and with some templates I’ve used the buttons really are not noticeable and are therefore quite ineffective. Many templates however I find the built-in Squarespace sharing buttons are just fine.

First, check your template, if you like the sharing buttons, move on. If not, consider Shareaholic buttons.

I use Shareaholic social sharing buttons at the end of every post on my Five template travel blog, Page by Paige, as well as this Adversary template blog and I couldn’t be happier with them.

Shareaholic has two main types of desktop sharing buttons I’d recommend.

  • First, as pictured above are static buttons called ‘inline’ buttons

  • Second are the floating side buttons. An example along with the style editor is pictured below. These floating side buttons are noticeable, ever-present and very effective. Know the saying ‘out of sight, out of mind’? That’s not possible with the floating share buttons as they’re a constant on your site, always reminding your readers to spread the social love. Of course, if you’re going for a less busy web design look, inline buttons might be more up your alley.

Shareaholic sharing buttons are some of the most customizable (not to mention free) sharing buttons I’ve come across. It just takes a couple clicks to style them in line with your brand.

Ohhh look… here’s another example of them now. I wonder what on earth I could be hinting at for you to do …

6. Shareaholic’s mobile share buttons

The percent of mobile traffic these days is sky-high, so let’s capitalize on that!

I also choose Shareaholic for mobile sharing buttons that float along as you scroll down a post. You’ll find these also under ‘Floated Share Buttons’ -> ‘Layout’ -> ‘Mobile’.

BONUS Shareable tip #1:

I did some extensive research of every blogger ever and found that there was a significant correlation between a bloggers post being shared by readers and their happiness.

If you ever mention myself/The Paige Studio in your blog posts, send over a link friend! I’m likely to be flattered and share that thing.

The takeaway here is of course, if you ever mention another blogger or business in a post, send them a short and sweet message that they’ve been included/mentioned and there’s a decent chance they’ll go ahead and share it for you.

Flattery works sharing-wonders.

Bonus Shareable tip #2:

Okay, so now you’ve added all the functionality to your site to ensure it’s possible for readers to share your posts if they feel so inclined, it’s time to give them a little nudge in the sharing direction.

It’s always good to tell readers exactly what you’d like them to do once they’ve finished reading you post.

At the end of each blog post it’s good practice to have 1 clear and direct call to action (CTA). This could be opting in to an email list, leaving a comment or of course sharing!

A quick, polite ‘please share this post with friends & followers’ CTA can only help.

Speaking of which … Please share this post with friends & followers!

6 website tweaks for super-shareable blog posts