I’m pretty sure EVERY YEAR since like 2004 people have asked …

“Is blogging dead?”

To which I respond.

“Is Google dead?”

Hell NO!

Blogging is just a way of creating the content that feeds the Google beast & answers all the zillion questions we type into Google to solve our life & business problems.

The #1 traffic driver of the internet is Google.

These days we use Google as legit our crystal ball to give us the answers to everything.

“Should I break up with my boyfriend?”

“Am I pregnant?”

“How to make money on the internet”

“How to know when chicken is fully cooked”

And Google pulls up the best content to answer that query.

You know what’s NOT being pulled up in Google?

That Instagram story you posted 3 weeks ago (which DID genuinely answer the question someone just Googled.)

Google ranks content that lives on, not the stuff that disappears after 24 hours.

Blogging is NOT dead.

It’s still the absolute best thing you can do for your business all these years later.

Until Google is dead, blogging is here to stay.

So no, you didn’t miss the blogging boat.

It’s time to hop aboard friend!

(Clearly proven by the fact that you’re currently reading this blog btw. )

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