How to deliver an opt-in gift with Squarespace & Privy pop ups


Today I'm going to walk you through the simple and effective process I have utilized in the past to build my email list and deliver my opt-in gift automatically.

I had a few non-negotiables at the time when I decided I wanted to deliver my opt-in gift to new subscribers.

  1. I wanted to use a pop-up (because my god to they convert well)
  2. I wanted said pop-up to actually look good, not like the MailChimp one (sorry MailChimp)
  3. I wanted my pop-up and email provider to be free
  4. I wanted to instantaneously deliver my opt-in gift. I value my subscribers and they need their free goods ASAP!

Normally a couple of these non-negotiables conflict with each other, but I've now developed a process to satisfy them all.

Finding the perfect popup program and creating a method to automatically deliver my opt-in gift took some time, so I know you'll be able to benefit from my previous research.

Picking The Perfect Popup

When looking for a pop-up creator I considered quite a few and eventually settled on Privy. Privy is not an email service that you create and send emails with but is instead strictly a popup creator which then transfers the captured emails to your email service provider automatically. Privy connects with 29 email service providers including the majors; Mailchimp, Constant Contact, Aweber, Convertkit, etc.

Privy offers strong control over the timing and situations that your popup pops, features a super simple drag and drop designer and voids the need for subscribers to go through a double opt-in process in their inbox.

It's a create it and leave it online tool that will pop on your website, capture emails and automatically add them to the email list of your choice, so you won't be tied up in manual email transfer.

Privy is a freemium service with a very robust free plan. For a small business it's unlikely you'll need to upgrade to a premium plan.

Setting Up The Opt-In & Instant Gift Delivery System

Okay, so now you know what Privy is, let's talk about how you can create the same super simple and effective system I have to capture emails and automatically deliver an opt-in gift on your own site.

I had one major challenge when it came to finding a popup creator, I wanted my opt-in gift to be delivered immediately.

When using a popup creators that is inherent to the system (eg. Mailchimp's popup creator) this is an easy process. However, I found Mailchimp's popup creator was not customizable enough to fit my style and brand, so the hunt for a better system began. With an external popup service, it's usual for the email transfer to take a few minutes or a few hours, which means your valued new subscriber will have to wait some time for their gift.

For my valued subscribers, this just wouldn't do.

Now I use Privy's thankyou page as a link to a hidden page on my website which houses my free opt-in gift. Subscribers don't need to venture over to their inbox to find a 'confirm your subscription' email, instead Privy makes it possible for subscribers to skip the double opt-in and click over straight to their free content.


Here's how to set up this system for yourself.

1. Setting up Privy

This video from the Privy team perfectly sums up how to create your popup, link it to your email provider and get it running on your website, so I'll leave that explanation to them.

Note at 2:26 it begins speaking of the thankyou page designer, which is what we'll use to link to our hidden page housing our opt-in gift. We'll come back to this in a minute.


2. Setting Up Your Hidden Page

Next you'll want to set up a new page on your website and have it unlinked from your navigation, so visitors can only find it if they're directly led there, aka your 'hidden' page.

On this page you'll want to add your free opt-in gift. If it's a PDF, link or upload the document, if it's a video, embed it, if it's a super-secret blog post, write it out on this page. If you are letting your subscribers in on a library of resources, drop all your goodies on this page.

Then copy the link to this page and head back to your Privy popup creator.


3. Link the Privy thank you page to your hidden webpage

In the Privy thank you page designer add a button and paste in the link to your hidden page. Add some text to your thank you page so visitors know what they're clicking, something along the lines of 'click to receive your free gift'. Bonus points if you get comical and creative with it.


Now you're all set! 

From a visitor perspective, they'll visit your website, the popup will pop, they'll type in and submit their email address, then be greeted by your thankyou page, click through and visit your hidden gift page. They can then instantly access the free goods you places there and they won't need to go visit their email, confirm their subscription, etc. Privy skips the double opt-in process.

From your perspective, visitors will opt-in on your popup, visit your free goods page seamlessly and the emails collected will be transferred from Privy to your email list within the day.


Tell me :: What is the opt-in gift you plan to deliver with this method?