So you’ve decided on Squarespace and that DIY’ing isn’t your thing? Great, it’s time to find you a Squarespace website designer who can take over building the website of your dreams!

Finding the designer who fits your style, timeline and budget can be a little tricky however, so I’ll go through the most common places you can find Squarespace designers to get you started on your hunt.

I’ll also load you up on some insider tips on what type of designers you’ll find on each!

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The Squarespace Specialists page

Back a couple years ago Squarespace decided they wanted to create a directory of Squarespace designers to help you find the perfect fit. The Squarespace Specialists page was born, and designers could apply to be added. The Squarespace team didn’t approve just anyone who applied, you had to show you had some quality Squarespace work to get on the list, so the designers here tend to have some pretty solid skills.

Almost 3 years ago Squarespace closed down the ability to apply to the list, promising a new replacement for the Specialist page, which years later, still isn’t here.

The major issue with a lot of the designers on the Specialist page is that they’ve changed what they do now, or closed up shop altogether. Some have started working on other platforms like WordPress, or Shopify or ShowIt, and don’t even offer Squarespace design anymore. Kinda defeats the purpose really.

Still, checking out the Specialists page is worth a try, just be sure when you’re browsing through the designers sites that they actually still offer Squarespace design.

What to expect from designers on the Squarespace Specialist page:
On the Specialists page you’ll tend to find designers with some serious skill, so you can be pretty confident anyone on this page really knows their design stuff. As the designers on this page have been at it for a while and are quite skilled, they also tend to be in the pricier range. Don’t stop after just searching the Specialist page however, some of the best Squarespace designers I know aren’t listed here, so it’s really not a comprehensive one-stop-shop anymore.

Squarespace Circle Members

The Squarespace Circle is a community of anyone who’s built 3 or more sites on Squarespace. The Circle has a forum where Squarespace asks for feedback from some of their more experienced users on new ideas, and the Circle gets first access to new site features when they’re being tested.

There is no public list of Squarespace Circle members, but a Google search of ‘Squarespace Circle’ should bring you up a nice list of people who’ve mentioned it on their site, and therefore are likely members. Squarespace Circle members also get a Circle badge which can be placed on their site, so check people’s About pages or Footers for those to be sure they’re a member.

One thing you really want to keep in mind when looking for your designer by searching for Squarespace Circle members is that Squarespace hasn’t vetted them, and the only requirement to join is to make 3 sites on Squarespace.

In a post where Circle members shared the site they created they’re most proud of, sites ran the range of absolutely amazing to looking like a 10 year old hacked it together. A handful of the sites I saw didn’t come close to meeting design or user experience best practices, so just know Circle Members really run the range of skill levels. I’ve had more than one experience where a client hired me to do a bit of fixing up on their site, and when I went into the back end appalled at how things had been set up, I asked who built it to begin with… It was a fellow Circle member. Eeek.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s some unreal designers in this group, but there’s also a number of people who just built a site for themselves, their cousin and tennis partner and are now a member.

What to expect from designers on the Squarespace Specialist page:
In the Squarespace Circle you’ll find designers who range from being massively skilled experts, to your cousin Jimmy who just built a couple sites and joined. As such, prices of site designs from Circle members range from dirt cheap to pricey. When you find someone through the Circle be sure to give their portfolio a serious browse and make sure you’re only picking a designer who’s site and who’s clients site knock it out of the park. Circle Members get some perks, such as 20% off their clients sites for the first year, so expect to get a nice little discount when you work with one.

 Square Design Guild

Square Design Guild is an educational community for Squarespace designers. The requirement to join the Squarespace Designer Directory is to have been designing on Squarespace for a year, and to pay a small fee to be added to the directory. Sites submitted to Square Design Guild’s Site Showcase are chosen based on quality, and not all sites submitted get featured.

My suggestion is to check the Site Showcase, find some designs you really like, and click through to the designer who created them. More often than not, the sites showcased are from Guild members. Searching through the Site Showcase in this way really helps you pick a designer based on who fits your style best, which will make your site build all the easier if you and your designers styles really align!

What to expect from designers from Square Design Guild
Square Design Guild attracts some quality designers, and the members all have a Slack channel going, so they share resources and answers to each others questions. This is great as if your designer ever gets stuck or you’re looking for something super creative and unusual with your site, they have a whole host of other Squarespace designers expertise to fall back on for help. I once calculated the average cost of a site design from Square Design Guild members, and the average was about $2,000 for a 5 page site.


You probably already know this, but just in case, Etsy is an online marketplace where creatives can sell their handmade stuff. Anyone can open an Etsy shop.

A quick search for ‘Squarespace website’ on Etsy will bring up lots of listings, so this is a quick and easy way to find someone. Etsy is where a lot of designers get their start, so know that designers you find here won’t be super experienced.

If you’re shopping on a budget however, designers on Etsy tend to be quite cheap.

What to expect from designers on Etsy
Expect to find designers who are just getting their start, with pretty dirt cheap prices. You can expect to pay just a few hundred for a site design from Etsy.

Blogs on Squarespace

If you’re on a blog that’s giving free info on Squarespace, you’ve likely landed on a Squarespace website designer! My fav way to find Squarespace blogs is to head to Pinterest, search ‘Squarespace,’ click on the pins and head over to the sites from there. When you’ve found a blog that talks about Squarespace, look for a ‘Work With Me’ or ‘Services’ page to check they offer site design services.

What to expect from Squarespace bloggers
The people who are consistently blogging on Squarespace tend to be pretty darn familiar with the platform, so expect a Squarespace blogger to know the Squarespace platform backwards and forwards.

My recommendations for top Squarespace designers

Oh, so you’re not into searching through all the methods listed above? Alright, alright, I’ll give you a short list to look through.

For the past few years, I’ve noticed some Squarespace designers online who knock it out of the park with their work again and again. I’ll list a few of my faves here for you.

The Paige Studio
Elle and Company
Go Live HQ
Peyton Campbell Studio
Delilah Creative
Hello Big Idea
Meg Summerfield Design

What to expect from designers on my personal recommendation list
Everyone on this list has been designing on Squarespace for years, and they’ve created truly jaw dropping work. They’ve made noise online with their amazing designs so as you could expect, they’re on the pricier end. They’re also totally worth it if you have the budget!

When sifting through alllll the options for Squarespace designers, there’s a few tell-tale signs you should look for to ensure your designer really is up to snuff. How do you tell if the designers you’re talking to know their stuff?

Take a read through 9 Smart Questions To Ask Your Potential Website Designer.

Also, if you’re reading this post, I’m assuming you’re about ready to get a move on with your site design and start growing that online empire quickly! Well perfect, it just so happens I can help with that!

You can find all the details on how we can work together building and tweaking your Squarespace site right over here.

Update: I no longer offer custom 1:1 design services! Instead, I now teach 1000’s of students through my online courses, how to use Squarespace to DIY their own completely custom, professional-looking website at a fraction of what it costs to hire a designer!

How to find your perfect Squarespace website designer