If you’ve ever used Instagram, you’ll know that it is an absolutely fabulous way to help people fall in love with your business!

But if you ever want to turn your 10,000+ followers into actual paying clients or customers, you’re going to need a way to lead them to where the actual buying and booking happens (a.k.a. your website!)

There’s just one small problem…as a platform, Insta isn’t exactly known for being generous with clickable links.

You get exactly one link. The magical “link in bio.”

That’s one chance you get to transport followers from your social to exactly where they need to be on your site.

Now, you could make the link in your bio go directly to your home page, where they could (maybe) find the link you mentioned in your Insta Stories for themselves…

But people are pretty conditioned to expect instant gratification and convenience, these days, so they are more likely to spend exactly 0.02 seconds searching for something before they give up and go back to mindlessly scrolling their feed.

Introducing: Linktree

(A third party app that claims to help you solve all your Instagram link in bio woes.)

What is Linktree?

Think of Linktree as a landing page for all the places you’ve recently linked in your bio.

You don’t have to decide which link you are going to prioritize, and it can also be used to link to the places you think are super important for people to visit if they are crossing the threshold between your site and your social for the first time.

I’ll admit, Linktree does have some prettyyy handy features. (And at only $6/month it’s probably not going to break the bank, either.)

But there’s a better, even cheaper alternative you may want to keep in mind!

Why Squarespace is the best alternative to Linktree

It’s free

Well, sorta. If you’re already paying for your site on Squarespace, why not make the most of that and use it to DIY your own link in bio landing page?

Go ahead, girl. You’ve earned it! Put that $6 a month towards your fancy Starbs order instead. #TreatYoSelf

Squarespace is more customizable than linktree

You’ve already designed an entire site in Squarespace, so there’s no need to go out and waste time trying to learn how to recreate your site vibe in a completely different (and let’s be honest, pretty limited) platform.

DIY your link in bio landing page right in Squarespace!

You can make use of the site styles, fonts, and colors you’ve already devoted hours to setting up, and keep your link in bio page looking totally on-brand.

If you want to get super fancy (more on why that might not be a good thing later in this post) you can add in any of the integrations or content types (ie. newsletter sign-ups, and video) that Linktree boasts, with much more freedom for playing around with layout, spacing etc.

Squarespace is better for your SEO

There’s a lot that goes into ranking #1 in a Google search for your industry’s keywords, but two important deciding factors are:

1. How much time visitors typically spend on your site

2. How many pages they visit while they are there

The tiny little robots that run the internet are pretty smart, but since they can’t actually read, they rely on the behaviors of internet users to determine just how valuable your content is, and therefore how likely you are to have the answers to any given search.

By hosting your link in bio page on your own website, you’re stacking your site’s SEO with more page visits, and more total time spent browsing, rather than giving all those clicks to some third party software like Linktree!

Longer time on your site + more pages per session = Positive indicators to Google to rank you higher!

And I mean, what an easy way to boost those stats right?!

You can Keep all your site analytics in one place

It’s pretty cool that Linktree thought to include analytics in their service, but it’s one more thing you have to log into at the end of each week when you are tracking your site metrics.

Chances are you’ve already set up your site to track metrics using Squarespace analytics or Google analytics, and it’s more likely to get tracked if you have all your website’s analytics in one place.

Why should I track my link in bio stats?

You need a way to know how well your current custom landing page is working, and if you don’t faithfully track those metrics, you’ll have nothing to compare it against.

If social media is your main marketing tool, you’ll want to create some sort of spreadsheet to track how many clicks each link in your link in bio landing page is getting each week.

If it turns out a link isn’t getting many clicks, it’s probably not super relevant to your audience and shouldn’t be taking up precious real estate on your link in bio page.

Also, by DIYing your landing page in Squarespace, you don’t have to be worried about losing access to past data if you cancel your Linktree subscription down the road.

For more on site analytics, check out How and why you should track your website stats.

You have only one platform to manage all your site traffic

Things break from time to time, and if your smaller third party software is down and you’re not in there changing your links up every day, it could be several hours or even days before you notice.

Meanwhile, your Instagram followers are frustrated and confused that the link you promised them isn’t working. Since you are only allowed one link on your profile, they won’t be able to just try a different link to get to your site, and the chances of them taking the time to follow through with a link click in the future is slim.

It’s one less place you have to log in to to get the job done, and if you need to update or fix a link on the fly, just log in to your Squarespace mobile app.

New to Squarespace? You can sign up for a free trial here and I also got ya a little off the price! Use code PAIGE10 for 10% off your first year. (Yes, that’s an affiliate link!)

Are there downsides to hosting your link in bio landing page on your Squarespace site?

I suppose it wouldn’t be fair to ignore the one thing Linktree really has going for them that could make paying for a separate service worth it, and that is the ability to schedule links.

For example, if you have your Stories scheduled months in advance, and you need a specific link to appear on your landing page in time for that Story to go live, you can schedule it so that it is only live for the duration of your Story.

But the pros of hosting your link in bio landing page on your own Squarespace site (mainly SEO) seem to outweigh that small perk.

If you are scheduling your Instagram Stories ahead of time, you can just set yourself a quick task to add that link to your page using the Squarespace mobile app.

(Though let’s be real, unless you are hella organized, you’re probably posting your Stories on the fly like the rest of us mere mortals, right?).

Best free Instagram link in bio hack

(How to DIY Linktree in Squarespace)

Ready to design a custom link in bio landing page right in Squarespace? Read on for a quick and dirty tutorial of how that’s done!

Create a Squarespace landing page

A landing page is just a single page with links, buttons, or thumbnails leading to the other important areas of your site.

Go ahead and add a single blank page to your site.

You’ll want the URL slug of your landing page to be short and sweet (ie. /instagram), and since this page is specifically for visitors coming straight from Instagram, there’s no need to link it anywhere on your actual site. Just let it sit in your unlinked section!

Since you’re building the thing in Squarespace, it will automatically have your site’s header and footer, but since you probably have a specific action you want visitors to take when they land on your link in bio page, it’s best practice to remove that head and footer and let your custom links do the directing.

Hide your Squarespace header & Footer

You only want to hide the header and footer for this one landing page, so it’s going to take a bit of detective work and a quick copy and paste of some handy CSS to make that happen.

Once your page has been added, use the URL you just created (ie. yoursite.com/instagram) and open your new page in Google Chrome.

Then, follow these steps:

Step 1. On a Mac, hit control & click on the page. Click ‘view page source’.

Step 2. Click command + F to search.

Step 3. Search for “title” (You actually have to put in the quotation marks for this to work, btw!)

Step 4. Beside “title” will be the name of your page followed by “id”: and a long string of numbers. Copy those numbers!

Here’s what that looks like…

Step 5. Paste the following code into your Custom CSS in Squarespace (that’s Design > Custom CSS if you need a refresher).

 #collection-numbergoeshere {
header, footer {
display: none !important;

Step 6. Replace the ‘numbergoeshere‘ bit with the long number you copied earlier.

And that should do it! All that’s left is to add your content!

What to add to your link in bio landing page

Recently mentioned links

First things first, you’ve gotta deliver on the links you promised. So if your IG Stories currently say “link in bio” you better make darn sure that it is in fact waiting for them in your bio.

But what about the Instagram posts from 6 weeks ago that still live on your grid? If a person is just stumbling upon your business for the first time and scrolling through all the past content you’ve created, they are bound to want access to some goodies previously mentioned!

This is where it might be best to include an actual short link in your Instagram posts, as well a bit about finding it in your bio.

For example, if you’ve just published an Instagram post telling people about your free guide: “10 tips for cooking for kids” you’ll want your CTA (call-to-action) to be something like:

Head to yoursite.com/kids or click the link in my bio!

This way, they have the option to use your link in bio when the post first comes out, but they aren’t totally stranded if they don’t actually discover your Instagram account until 52 weeks later.

Need help creating short, easy to remember links in Squarespace? Check out this post on how I use Squarespace redirects!

Links to your main pages or CTA’s

Again, the goal here is to get visitors from your social to take specific actions on your site, so you don’t want to go listing every last page. In addition to your recently mentioned links, choose links that support your top 2-3 site goals, and let your main navigation or home page do the rest.

Want to grow your email list? Link your freebie resource sign-up page, or even better, one specific freebie that your followers are sure to be interested in but may have missed you posting about.

Want them to book a consult call? Put it right there on your landing page! (But it may be worth including a link to your portfolio as well, in case they are a first time visitor and need to see proof that you actually know what you’re doing.)

Should I use buttons or thumbnails on my landing page?

You want visitors to be able to quickly find what they came for, and since visitors of this specific page are coming straight from Insta, there’s a 99.9% chance they are on their phone.

Simple, on-brand buttons will do for most links on your link in bio landing page. This allows you to keep the page short, reduce scrolling, and therefore reduce the chances of them getting annoyed and going back to their feed.

But it wouldn’t hurt to add a little pizazz to that one special CTA you want them to notice. this is where it may make sense to include a thumbnail image of the thing you want them to click. (ie. a mockup of the highest converting freebie on your site).

Or at the very least, move that high priority CTA to the top of the page!

Here’s a peek at what my Instagram link in bio landing page currently looks like.

I’d like to point out that its by 100% coincidence that my DIY Linktree page just happens to look like a tree ATM. ‍

(Your’s does not need to resemble a tree in any way, shape, or form in order for it to properly convert followers into loyal site visitors .)



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