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About today’s guest

Claire Pelletreau is a Facebook Ads expert and host of the Get Paid Podcast which is all about having honest money conversations with the top online business owners!

Starting an online business is by no means a walk in the park, and it’s easy to feel alone when you face failure or something not going the way you had hoped in business.

In this episode, we hope to show you that all the successful business owners you’ve been fan-girling over have actually gone through their fair share failures and challenges themselves!

Claire is sharing an honest year-by-year look at what’s been happening in her business and the good and the bad along the way.

We are chatting all things money and revenue streams, both in her business, and the businesses of the women that she interviews in her podcast (including rare insights into their top money-making strategies!)

A few highlights

  • How her Facebook Ads biz got its start. Plus, the organic reach massacre of 2013 (2:15)

  • Claire talks taking a crack at content marketing, and the freebie opt-in gift to end all freebie opt-in gifts (9:31)

  • What if no one buys my course? Facing the fear of failure for her first-ever launch (11:50)

  • The #1 trap first-time course creators fall into (13:43)

  • Claire’s obsession with the six-figure business (and how it lead to starting The Get Paid Podcast)  (14:48)

  • Dealing with maternity leave as an online business owner. Plus, the major mistake she made that killed her SEO. (16:00)

  • Claire’s website woahs: how a janky and confusing site made it hard for people to pay her. (17:00)

  • Blogging, podcasting, and email newsletters: and honest look at what worked and what didn’t (17:40)

  • Should I offer service-based client work, or should I teach? Deciding between the 1:1 and the 1:Many model (18:27)

  • Interviewing 7-figure business owners on the podcast: what she has learned about successful entrepreneurs and how they make their money. (19:43)

  • The importance of transparent conversations around money as online entrepreneurs. Plus, why more revenue does not necessarily mean more money in the bank, and other income lessons learned the hard way. (27:50)

  • What life looks likes when your launch flops (and why you can learn just as much from people’s mistakes as you can from their successes) (31:58)

  • Clair talks determining the value of her online offerings and how to finding the confidence to raise her prices. (39:00)

  • The 4 important mindset shifts you need to make to start killing it in business. (52:00)

Ready for a raw BTS look at the highs and lows of running a successful online business? Catch today’s full episode over on iTunes or Spotify!

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