In 2019 I worked on average 25 hours a week.

In 2020 I worked on average 60 hours a week.


Because in 2020 Corona destroyed all fun social activities & travel, which is what I like to do in my free time.

Any week that I’m working, 60 hours is my average.

(During a launch week, it’s easily 80 hours a week. Pretty much every waking hour during a launch, I’m working!)

The reason I worked so many less hours in 2019 isn’t because I finally called it quits on work by 3 PM daily.

It’s because I took 3 months vacation.

And if you average out my work hours over the year with 3 months vacay, it came to 25 hours a week.

The truth is, I loveeee my job.

When nothing else in my life is happening, what I like to do for fun is work.

You’ll likely find me either tapping away on my laptop or sitting lost in thoughts about my business on a free evening.

The only way I’ve found so far to successfully stop myself is to go on vacation.

And because that wasn’t an option in 2020, I worked round the clock all year long.

Now I definitely noticed that caused some problems.

I did get kinda burnt out. I was internally driven to work, and yet exhausted by work. I really, really wanted to get away from my job at some times.

What 2020 taught me was the importance of vacation.

If I’m a work-hard-60-hours-a-week type girl, and I’ve come to the conclusion that that actually isn’t a problem.

It’s actually one of the many factors I credit my success to.

But it IS a problem if I never take a vacation. Because then I truly never have time off.

So in 2021, I plan to continue my work-hard, play-hard type life.

It’s how I like to live, and for the longest time I thought it was a problem.

Now I’m realizing we all have our own ways and this is mine.

As long as I actually take the trip and leave the laptop at home, it’s a work-life balance I can (and enjoy) to live with.

So wanna know how much I actually work?

I work 60 hours a week normally. But I also take 3 months vacation.

It all evens out in the end.

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