I just wrapped up such a fun interview with the one half of the Bucketlist Bombshells, Shay Orlena Brown.

(Is doing interviews like this one my real job? Apparently yes it is. I know, sometimes I’m surprised by it too.)

Together Shay & Cassie make up the Bucketlist Bombshells. The Bucketlist Bombshells is the online destination empowering and teaching millennial women how to build a successful online service-based business that gives them the freedom to travel the world and live creatively.

When I came across the Bucketlist Bombshells on Facebook my first thought was ‘no way, is that a real thing?’

Yep, it sure is.

Shay & Cassie teach the gals just like us how to build online businesses and travel the world. (Badass business idea if I’ve ever seen one.)

After Shay, Cassie & I got chatting in the past couple weeks they asked me to share with their Facebook tribe exactly how I got started, what the processes for running my business look like and allllll the details about my 2 week web design process.

As you will soon be able to tell from the video, we had a blast.

Here’s all the questions they asked, in case you want answers to specific questions quick!

  • 2:38 What I do intro

  • 4:31 The story starting the studio & why I use Squarespace

  • 6:21 Would I recommend creating a website for free to gain experience as a designer?

  • 8:35 Do I get any objections from clients when they learn I only offer Squarespace website design?

  • 10:03 Do I code?

  • 11:19 How long did it take me to have a steady flow of work?

  • 13:11 How I find clients

  • 14:28 How does my 2 week process work?

  • 17:21 How long does it take me to build a website?

  • 19:35 How do I take payments and send invoices?

  • 20:40 Have I run paid social or Google ads before?

  • 22:48 How do I create my portfolio pieces that have my work within a mac screen?

  • 24:08 How do I differentiate myself from other companies who offer similar services?

  • 25:20 Do I recommend WordPress to someone who’s just starting off with a smaller budget?

  • 26:34 Was the company I was working with a web design agency or an advertising agency?

  • 27:40 How long did it take me to be able to make a living off of my business?

  • 30:04 How do I come up with topics for my blog?

  • 32:04 What are my fav podcasts?

  • 33:11 Do I work with a graphic designer or are my clients responsible for giving me images?

  • 34:41 Do you have to have .squarespace in your Squarespace URL to have a Squarespace site?

  • 36:04 How often do I publish content on my blog and other platforms?

  • 37:58 How did I get my start as a web designer?

  • 38:50 How often do I update my business website?

  • 39:50 Do I offer to update my clients websites for a reduced rate?

  • 41:47 Is there a way to transfer the content from a WordPress blog to a Squarespace blog?

  • 41:51 How do I manage client design revisions?

  • 44:00 What if I make edits to a clients website and they don’t like it? Do I duplicate the pages before I make edits?

  • 44:41 How do I teach my clients to use Squarespace?

  • 45:33 Do I have the same lesson for each client?

  • 46:13 Do my clients pick their template or do I?

  • 51:10 How did I come up with my pricing?

  • 53:15 Am I a part of the Squarespace Circle? How do you join?

  • 54:52 What is my favorite part of owning my own web design studio?

  • 56:12 How do I screen clients?

  • 57:04 How many hours do I usually work a week?

If you’re thinking ‘heck yes I want to do what you do Paige,’ I highly suggest getting in on the Bucketlist Bombshells Facebook group, and consider enrolling in one of their courses.

I’ve seen the inside of their courses, and they take you from A-Z exactly the online skills you’ll need to make a living online, and then follow it up with how to start on your digital nomad lifestyle.

Thanks so much for having me for the interview ladies!

How to become a Squarespace web designer interview