All entrepreneurs lust after a stunning new website, a site oh-so modern and clean that their visitors will love.

Of course, it is a dream for many entrepreneurs to team up with a web pro to bring their site vision to life. But, a custom-made website is big investment, and sometimes seen more as a ‘would be nice’ investment, rather than a ‘must-have’ investment.

But what if I told you, a new website would save you time?

Ah yes, now your interested, aren’t you?

How do I know that? Because all of my blog posts that revolve around saving time in business always kill it.

Time is the one thing as small business owners and entrepreneurs we really just never have enough of.

It was only once I became an entrepreneur that I truly understood and appreciated the saying ‘time is money.’

Now I know I can already hear you saying …

“But Paige, how will a website save me time? It’s just a page on the internet.”

Yep it is.

But I have news, when put to work correctly, your website will become your best employee. 

Here’s just a few examples of how a site that really works and is tailored to your business, will save you time and let you get back to the things that make the most impact.

Cut down on proposal time

Never again spend a half hour when you have a new client inquiry putting together a proposal including all of your relevant past work.

When you have a website that works, you can display your portfolio on your website, along with case studies and reviews.

Having these items online already, in a layout that makes sense and is easy to navigate will save you time gathering all the relevant info for each new potential client.

In fact, they’ll likely be even ‘warmer’ leads when they get in touch, because they’ll already have seen your past work and rave reviews online.

This means you can spend less time holding awkward sales phone calls (#aintnobodygottimeforthat), and more time on your 18-item To Do list.

No more back and forth emails for appointment scheduling

‘I have free Monday between 1 PM – 2:30’

‘Monday at 1:30 is perfect.’

‘Oh no, so sorry, after I sent that email someone else booked a call on Monday for 1:30 – 2:30. Can you do Tuesday anytime between 10 AM – 12 noon?’

‘Can’t make those times unfortunately, what about 2 PM on Tuesday?’

‘I can make that work. I just realized, are you in the EST or PST?’


‘Okay, Tuesday at 2 PM EST it is.’

Unnecessary waste of time? Heck yes.

Scheduling appointments by email is an on-going nightmare for a lot of entrepreneurs, especially when you throw a variety of timezones into the mix.

Seeing as we’re more and more often working with those who are abroad as the interwebs makes it so easy to connect with people everywhere, timezones add an extra layer of complexity to an already pain-in-the-buns scheduling process.

An online appointment scheduler integrated into your website can save so much time and headache, and completely eliminate the email back and forth.

Acuity is what I use (Squarespace users get the Emerging Entrepreneur plan worth $10/month fo’ free), though Calendly is another popular option for appointment scheduling.

Both easily integrate into your website, and save lots and lots of precious time!

Blog or FAQ your most frequently asked questions

After holding a countless number of client inquiry calls, there’s a handful of questions that come up again, and again, and again.

So what do I do with them?

I either blog ‘em (for example my Thinking of working with The Paige Studio? This is what you need to know post) and/or I add them to my FAQ.

My Squarespace website is so easy-to-use, I put up my FAQ page in 10 mins flat.

While writing blog posts takes some time, creating the post, tagging it, scheduling it and adding an excerpt takes under 3 mins.

I can now respond to emails with links to blog posts or my FAQ page where my answers already live, and avoid re-writing out an answer every time.

Put all the ‘work with you’ deets on your sales page

Facebook and Instagram are great and all, but they’re no substitute for a full website.

Your potential clients want to know exactly what working together looks like.

What is the process, the timeline, the payment dates, the delivery dates, etc.

When you have a website that works, you can lay this all out online. When you do this, you’ll avoid having to go over this again with each new client by email or phone.

Want in on some super-secret business advice?

People like getting info online, on your website, at all hours of the day and night.

In the past 3 potential client calls I got on, every one of them made mention that they chose me because I put ALL my info online, making it super easy to work with me.

(When I say ‘all’ I mean I put my exact prices, my available and booked design dates, my process, what happens after inquiring, answers to questions potential clients ask me all the time, etc. To see my services page in action, take a look right here.)

I made the decision to put all the details of working with me on my site because as a consumer, I like to be able to get all the info for any service on a website.

It’s also a personal pet peeve when I go onto a website and can’t find pricing.

‘Hell no I’m not inquiring, put your prices on your website or I won’t inquire at all!’

I previously had a calendar on my computer of my design dates, which were booked and which were still available.

I know for business owners, knowing the date their website launches is kinda-sorta really important, so I decided to take my calendar and put it on my sales page.

I’ve got nothing to hide, and again, in the spirit of giving potential clients ALL the info they need on my site, I put it up there too.

Those past 3 client calls all resulted in bookings, and each call took less than 30 mins. Each potential client had very few questions for me, it was more ‘nope, I got all the info I needed on your site. I’m ready, can you send me a contract and invoice?’

Talk about a hellah-easy sales job for me! My website acted as my sales person, instead of me having to do it on the phone.

(Thanks website, you da best!)

If you’re ready to get your business properly set up online and take back your time, then get in touch gal! I help online entrepreneurs go from website-dreaming to website-launching in just 2 weeks flat.

Update: I no longer offer custom 1:1 design services! Instead, I now teach 1000’s of students through my online courses, how to use Squarespace to DIY their own completely custom, professional-looking website at a fraction of what it costs to hire a designer!

How a website that works will save you time in your business