Hey friend!

Soooo I’m trying something new in my business and I want to share the journey with you.

I was at my friend Holly’s office today and we were discussing blog traffic. She is exceptional in the blog world and at one point had her blog doing over 1 MILLION pageviews a month!

I have never gotten anywhere close to that so I was legit like “tell me your secrets!”

She mentioned NEVER did she think strategically about SEO, she just thought up a thought, whipped it into a post and would post daily, MULTIPLE TIMES A DAY!

This was in her beginner blogger days. She’s doesn’t do it anymore, but she is also thinking of bringing it back for a test run.

She said that her posts weren’t these big honking, 2,000+ word, perfectly-SEOed, beautifully photographed & curated posts. She aimed to do at least 1 long post, 1 medium post and 1 mini post a day.

Mini post being legit a couple lines or paragraphs.

And she’d do a ton of them.

It’s almost like she was using her blog as how we use Instagram stories or the feed. Posting small thoughts & ideas, but on her blog.

She also mentioned Seth Godin is doing the same thing these days. I took a look at his blog, and what do you know, she was exactly right. His last post had like 200 words.

So I though, well if it worked for her, I’ll give it a try.

It’s one of my goals for the year to increase traffic to this blog. The blog is already doing beautifully in terms of pageviews and killing it in the search rankings, but there’s always room for improvement.

So for 30 days expect to see a post a day from me.

Some will be our usual long-form content.

Other ones will be a post + video as we’re doing new for 2021.

And I’m also going to play around with mini posts, just like this one!

Though I already realized, in terms of a mini post this is actually already getting kinda long … so until tomorrow!

Before you run off… here’s a freebie I thought you might like!

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