Last year I signed up to Masterclass. (I wanted Bobbi Brown’s makeup tips to prep for my wedding TBH.)

When the 1st COVID lockdown rolled around and with a lot more time on my hands, I decided to take a few other classes for a spin too.

Out of the blue I settled on Paul Krugman’s Economics & Society class.

And it blew my mind.

It genuinely changed my personal beliefs on taxation and sweat shop labour.

But that’s not what I want to talk to you about today.

(Was that a collective sigh of relief I just heard? )

I want to talk to you about productivity.

In the class Paul explained how back in the day most people worked as farmers. With modernization, farmers were able to be more productive. With a tractor, 1 farmer could sow seeds on a field, when previously it would have taken many people to complete that task.

And so farming jobs were lost.

But society grew new needs and desires.

(Someone had to make the tractors afterall.)

And new jobs in manufacturing emerged where there were none before.

And now with robots putting cars together or creating toys or laptops, and so the world doesn’t need as many car assembly workers, for example.

Jobs are moving again, to technology.

And I’ve noticed over time the same has happened in my business.

I’ve become more productive.

Back in the day I would get a client say YES to working with me on their site design, and I’d get to work writing out instructions for them on everything they needed to provide me. I’d send over a contract to be signed and an invoice to be paid. I’d follow up when anything was late.

And then I invested a bit of time and effort into cleaning up my onboarding process and automating it with a CRM, Honeybook.

Then, without client communications and onboarding taking up my time, I could dedicate more time to something that moved the business forward, like blogging or thinking up new services.

Eventually I worked myself right out of a web designer job.

I packed up all my web designer knowledge into a course. Now at any given moment (like the moment I’m writing this post) I could easily be teaching dozens or hundreds or thousands of students at once and helping them build their own site.

Productivity doesn’t kill jobs, it changes them for the better.

So go ahead, try to figure out how to work yourself out of a job in your business.

I just about guarantee you’ll find something else to fill the time with that you’ve been dying to get to but just never had the time for.

Or you could go sip a marg on the beach.

That’s an option too.

Before you run off… here’s a freebie I thought you might like!

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