I’m back with another edition of monthly recaps, the posts where I take you behind the scenes of the studio, and show you what I’ve been scheming up, as well as the successes and the failures (*ahem – lessons learned*).

Let me just say holy guacamole y’all, January has been a freaking month! I can’t wait to share what I’ve been up to! I’ve been hopping time zones and countries like crazy and trying to fit work in wherever I can. I admit, it hasn’t been my most productive month ever, but it’s been a ride to say the least.


Site stats: 
Monthly page views: 41,025
Pages/session: 1.93
Average session duration: 2:22

I hit 40,000+ page views, whattttt?! Legit am so stoked about that.

I noticed a slight dip in traffic in December which honestly is totally understandable. I figured y’all were like me, indulging in all the Christmas cookie goodness, parties and wine. Websites tend to take a back seat to all of that important stuff obviously. But it seems everyone and their sister realized ‘oh crap, it’s 2018 and my business needs a website’ when January rolled around, so it makes sense for my traffic to have had a little uptick come the New Year.

Also, how amazing is it that this month I’ve worked very minimally, and my site traffic has been massively successful?! With a blog, snowball effect is a real thing, so on months I’m really hardly working (though always blogging consistently, that’s a non-negotiable for me!) I can still have super successful months traffic-wise in my business.


The business news side of this monthly recap is going to be a wee bit light, as well, I did a bit more life than business this month. I blocked myself off for web design clients, took a vacation and moved halfway around the world this month, so not a whole lot of work happened.

Starting the Accelerator with Mariah Coz

I’m in full-on course building mode, with Mariah there guiding me every step of the way. I’ll give a full Accelerator review down the road, but the one thing I can say already is how freaking nice it is to not even need to plan what I’m doing when. I’m basically blindly following through Mariah’s step-by-step weekly course building instructions and tasks to build my course. Which, the girl knows what she’s doing, so I’m happily following along without a question as to where the road is going next.

So far I’ve nailed my course idea, and the name ‘Square Secrets.’ (How cuteeee?! right?). I’ll credit Mariah’s genius with coming up with it. I’ve positioned it in the market, created an opt-in freebie to get the right potential students on my list.

What’s the freebie you ask? A complete checklist for building and launching your Squarespce site. If you’ve been confused as to exactly what order all the things related to building a site comes in, then what are you waiting for, grab a copy of the checklist! 

I also built out a course preview page, the course sales page, and nailed down exactly the modules and the content for each, as well as created a content creation schedule for it. (It’s going to be a freaking massive task to get the content ready, the course is crazy comprehensive to say the least.)

If you’re interested to hear when the course launches, then y’all should go check out the course preview page and pop in your email up in the banner there!

Legit, that’s pretty much all the business stuff I’ve done this month. That and the regular blogging and newsletters.  It definitely has not been a super productive month for me, granted I knew going into it that it wouldn’t be, so I’m giving myself grace this month and being okay with taking a more relaxed start to the year.

Digital Nomad Life:

Skiing in Austria

In the first couple days of January, the boyfriend and I hit the slopes of Zillertal, Austria. This was my first time to Austria, and it was so exciting to go to a new country that I could (somewhat) speak the language. And if you’re wondering, yes, the church towers in Austria look exactly like the photos. That was the most notable architecture difference you see when driving from Germany into Austria.

Our days on the hills weren’t ideal weather wise. I’m pretty sure when I got this photo that was the only hour you could even see the other mountains, otherwise it was too cloudy and snowy to see anything more than a few feet in front of you.

Visibility on the hill was pretty terrible, and our vacation ended early when my boyfriend dislocated and broke his shoulder, meaning we had to drive back home that day to go get him an MRI in Germany. Not an ideal ending, but I’m grateful for the days we did have, and the good news is, he won’t have permanent shoulder damage.

While the slopes themselves were great, pretty much all the accommodation in Zillertal is at the bottom of a valley, meaning there’s no ski-in and ski-out hotels. (First world problems I know, but if you ski, you get it I’m sure.) Next year, we’ll be hitting a different ski area to hopefully catch better weather and a more ideal village situation.

Move to Bali

I made my first trip to Asiaaaa this month! I’ll be living in Bali, Indonesia for the next couple months.

I joined Dojo coworking space which officially kills my German coworking space in terms of community and atmosphere. (It has a pool and daily events. Enough said.)

I’ve already met a bunch of people who are doing exactly what I am, and I’m loving being able to nerd out over topics like email lists, content creation, design and digital nomading with people who totally get it! Every turn is a new cute cafe (currently writing this from Mocca Cafe) and shops full of Australian beachy fashion items. My yoga studio, The Practice, is a giant tiki hut of zen with the most meditative and authentic yoga I’ve experienced yet. My home for the next couple months is also truly straight out of a magazine.

I don’t want to paint an unrealistic picture however, moving to a tropical paradise isn’t all fun and games. I’m personally really over the completely perfect, unrealistic, Instagram-life everyone online is posting these days, so I also want to share the not-so-pretty parts of living in ‘paradise’.

Driving Indonesian roads is an … experience. (Lanes are basically not a thing). It’s a constant act of dodging pot holes, dogs, cows and crazy scooter drivers passing others by coming into your lane on the road. I’m proud of myself for learning to scooter here, but there’s no doubt I’ll so appreciate the strict, law-abiding Germans on the road when I get home. (Plus I mean, you can’t go 200 km/hr on a scooter, but you can on an autobahn! )

I’ve also had my fair share of unexpected hellos from tropical animals in my room and shower … Frogs, geckos, giant spiders, etc. They’re basically live-in roommates, who sometimes leave me little surprises … yes, those surprises, on my floor and one time a new t-shirt. Thanks gecko…

I thought I had seen thunderstorms when I was living in Mississippi, but nope, Bali took the ‘when it rains, it pours’ phrase to a whole new level. (I mean, this was to be expected, I did decide to come during rainy season.) After just an hour of rain, a road to get home from the coworking space was a river that went up to someones chest.

So I’ll just say that life here is a daily adventure, and not to believe all the perfect Bali-Instagram-life photos you see. There’s good and bad to everywhere.

After finally getting settled, I had two friends come visit for 10 days, which of course is a recipe for not getting a whole lot done. (See a theme in January?)

Come February however, I’m ready and truly excited to absolutely bulldoze through a mountain of work.

Progress on January goals:

  • Fully be present on my ski vacation, write blog posts in advance and then go enjoy myself

    • Check!

  • Find a villa in Bali to call home for the next few months, join the coworking space and make some friends

    • Done!

  • Get fully invested and set into working on building my course. Set the foundation of the course, and then plough through all of the work Mariah sets

    • Kinda done. I completed all the work but haven’t fully invested myself as I’d like to yet, however I plan to do so in February!

  • Find and book the perfect brand photographer to create a new set of brand photos

    • Done!

February goals:

  • Get fully invested and in the flow with course creation

  • Get back into the zone with meditation and manifestation

  • Complete my taxes (ughhh, the worst!)

  • Get a lawyer to tweak some documents for me (…how thrilling)

… 2/4 are not the most exciting things in the world, but are unfortunately necessary parts of doing business.

Books I’m reading:

Good to Great by Jim Collins (this book was amazing! If you run a business or are considering running a business in the future – go read it now! The teachings and insights are spot on! I added this one to my recommended reading list.)

The Subtle Art Of Not Giving a F*ck by Mark Manson (Honestly, I made a conscious decision to not finish this one, wasn’t a fan.)

Emily Post’s Etiquette by Lizzie Post and Daniel Post Senning

Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion by Robert Cialdini PhD (I legitimately took just one small recommendation from the first few pages of this book and doubled the number of people who clicked through an email and completed a survey because of it. I’m not finished it yet, but once I do, I expect it’ll make my recommended reading list too.)

Also, sidenote, I allowed myself to bring just one book to Bali that I’ve already read before but knew I’d enjoy reading again and it was The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod, because it’s just so good! If you haven’t read it yet, yesterday was the day to do so. Today will work too however.

January 2018 recap: moving to Bali & creating my first course!