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Today’s Guest

In this episode, I am joined by the fabulous launch strategist and conversion copywriter and coach, Mai-kee Tsang (that’s pronounced May-kay Sang)! After sitting down for a biz bestie chat, it is super clear to me why Mai-kee is thee go-to-gal when it comes to knowing how to launch your digital product or online course.

She’s got it down to a science. And I do mean literal science, considering her signature services include a deep dive into what she calls “Brand DNA.”

Not exactly sure what all launching entails? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered in this episode. (So you’ll want to give it a listen!)

A few Highlights

  • How this fellow “9-5 skipper” got her start. (2:30)

  • Mai-kee meets her mentor. (4:45)

  • Self acceptance, and what it’s like to go naked on live stream. (Ok, so she wasn’t naked naked…)(5:00)

  • Mentorship turned internship: Sales calls & Webinars & Copywriting, oh my! (6:00)

  • Entrepreneur, not intrapreneur: Mai-kee discovers she was made for more. (7:35)

  • Mai-kee talks “Brand DNA” and the role it plays in a successful launch. (Plus, what her Brand DNA deep dive revealed about my business!) (10:25)

  • Value systems and psychology: What anger and guilt have to do with your brand. (13:25)

  • Using the “10 Why’s” exercise to write your business’s story. (15:30)

  • The Frankenstein Brand and how to avoid it. (Plus, scarcity mindset and choosing abundance instead.) (18:30)

  • How to avoid email list burnout during a launch through segmented marketing. (22:00)

  • Lessons learned from launching 13 times in just one year. (25:12)

  • Mai-kee talks goal-setting for your launch (and why it’s about more than just money.) (33:33)

  • Reverse engineering testimonials to create the ultimate client journey. (35:00)

  • Ethos: Your unique credibility (and why copycats will never get ahead). (36:00)

  • The 3 Phase Launch Framework she uses for every client. (40:00)

  • Feedback surveys: How to ask for feedback from those who didn’t buy. (51:50)

  • Bracing yourself for personal growth during your launch, letting go of old identities that no longer serve the person you want to be. (54:30)

  • Encouragement for the online business journey: how to deal with lack of support and understanding from family and friends. (58:35)

Fav Quote from the Show

This is the only life that we know we will have, so take a chance, because there is no permanence in where you’re at. Whether you run an online business or you have a day job – there’s actually no permanence in it. There is an illusion of safety, but your circumstances aren’t going to make you feel safe. It is actually your ability to be able to handle anything that comes towards you…just trust in yourself, and if you are resonating with this at all, it means that there is something more for you. And whether you choose to or choose not to, it is your responsibility.” – Mai-kee Tsang

*Mic drop*

This. Lady.

I’m telling you. If you currently (or ever hope to) run an online business or launch some sort of digital product or course… you’d be for real crazy not to tune into this episode.

So rustle up some headphones and get ready to meet Mai-kee and I over on iTunes (or Spotify) for the full experience!

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