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About Today’s episode

If you’ve ever googled “How to make money online,” chances are you were met with some seriously spammy sounding results. It’s possible that the lack of legit information out there has you throwing up your hands and giving up on the dream altogether.

But I have good news for you: It is 100% possible to earn an income online, and in today’s episode I’m talking about all the ways I’ve managed to do just that!

In today’s episode, I’m talking about all the ways I’ve managed to earn money online. I’m throwing it alllll the way back to the beginning of my online-income earning journey to share with you my personal experience with each different revenue-generating strategy, and my list of pros and cons for each, and exactly what each strategy entails.

If you’ve ever dreamed of earn money online, all from the comfort of your couch or fave neighborhood coffee shop, then today’s episode is for you!

A few highlights

  • How I started a travel blog in order to support my travel habit/hobby (2:07)

  • Sidebar Ads, sponsored posts, and affiliate links: how I started generating income as a full-time blogger and what I’d do differently now (4:43)

  • The reason I stopped travel-blogging as a business, and opted for starting a service-based business instead (8:44)

  • Where I went to find clients for my new website design businesses. Plus, how posting my work online landed me with a web design agency (10:05)

  • How getting serious about marketing got me booked out in my business. Plus, what I was able to charge as a new designer (12:20)

  • How blogging about my niche topic and building my email list made it easier for me to add new income revenue streams to my online business (13:00)

  • The next step to scaling my service-based business: Should I become an agency or transition to a product-based offering? (13:54)

  • Taking my area of expertise and using it to creating my first online course.  (14:30)

  • How affiliate opportunities have completely changed as I’ve grown my audience. Plus, why it’s important to only promote things you actually use. (15:00)

  • Adding e-commerce to my Squarespace website and creating an online shop of new digital product offerings (16:43)

  • Podcasting as an additional income revenue stream: How I’m preparing to add sponsors to the show (17:00)

Ready to learn more about the non-spammy ways you be earning money online? Look for this episode of the Online Business Besties’s Podcast over on iTunes or Spotify!

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