I’m back with another edition of monthly recaps, the posts where I take you behind the scenes of the business, and show you what I’ve been scheming up, as well as the successes and the failures (*ahem – lessons learned*).

Site stats:

Monthly pageviews: 25,208
Pages/session: 2.06
Average session duration: 2:36

If you read last months business recap, you know I changed my domain name, taking 2/3 of my Google traffic with it. I am happy to report the worst is over, I can see my Google traffic back on an upwards trend, but I know it’ll still take a few months to get back to my pre-domain change traffic. Overall, I’m playing a long-term game here, so a couple months of lower traffic isn’t honestly all too concerning, though I do definitely look forward to the day it’s back to normal.

Finished building my course:

Omg y’all I really, really did it. I finished my course content! I created 12 hours of video, 6 in-depth page content planners, a bunch of workbooks and checklists, as well as gathered hundreds, yes hundreds, of inspiration websites and recommended resources for my students.

I’ll be honest, towards the end it was like pulling teeth to get myself to sit down and record another video. I was pretty over it as I had done 3 months working 7 days a week to create and launch the course.

(Probably wouldn’t attempt that one again. I can do 7 days a week for a little, but 3 months was really pushing it.)

As I started getting to the last couple days of content creation, I excitedly pushed through and managed to uploading everything to my course platform the day before I left Bali (at the very end of March.)

It felt like such a weight lifted off my shoulders to be able to go home and not have any loose ends to tie up. I’m going to enjoy Easter with no work to do and leave my laptop in my bag. YAY!

And I’m going to take the next couple months a lot easier. I am absolutely on a mission to not do any work on weekends this spring.

Launched my course:

I always heard people say that launching was exhausting, and I’ll be honest, I didn’t really know why. I assumed as everyone said it though that it was true.

The days before launching my stress levels were at an epic high. I felt like I had done everything right, but I just didn’t know, would anyone buy? I literally had messages and emails from people saying ‘I’m going to be first in line to buy, I can’t wait for your course!’ and even having heard those things, that didn’t make the fear go away.

With anything you do for the first time, it can be so hard to know what to expect. I was out in totally new territory, so I really had no clue how sales would go.

I started off the launch by getting the time-zone conversion wrong and it turned out I had an hour to kill before I needed to sit down to open the course cart and be on live chat. So I headed down to the beach where my co-working space holds drinks every Friday. I knocked back a few ciders, chatted and danced with friends before walking back to the coworking space to actually launch. I was in a pretty chipper mood from my brews and dancing, so by that point I was stoked to open the cart and see what happened.

Luckily, I opened the cart and 23 minutes in someone bought, and then sale after sale after sale rolled in as myself and my VA sat there on live chat stoked on life and celebrating. By the time we hit 6 sales in the first couple hours we started planning a celebration night out in Berlin.

The launch wasn’t all smooth sailing though. I had a rather major blowout with someone really close on day two of the launch, so from that point on my mind was anywhere but on my launch actually. I’m just so thankful I had a VA to answer questions and help students solve tech and payment issues because I spent most of the week struggling to keep my personal life together.

I totally skipped some things I had planned launch-wise cause I just couldn’t bring myself to work. The whole launch was pretty automated and while there’s def more I’ll do for future launches when I’m not an emotional basketcase, it was pretty awesome to bring in students with a pretty much automated, hands-off launch.

I didn’t quite hit my launch goal, but I can say that I absolutely gave myself grace about it and truly was not upset with myself for it. I know there was more I had planned to do in the launch but just couldn’t bring myself to execute that week because I just couldn’t emotionally handle life. If I had been on my A-Game, I feel I potentially could have hit my goal, but I’ll never really know.

Regardless of not hitting my goal, I did indeed have the most profitable month of my business ever, so I’m still a happy camper.

But yes, I can confirm it is indeed true that launching is exhausting. By the last day of my launch, I felt like I had been hit by a truck and just wanted to crawl into bed and take a never-ending nap.

The day after my launch turned out to be Nyepi in Bali. (Nyepi is a religious holiday where the locals build ‘monsters’ to scare away demons, parade them through the streets and then the next day everyone is not allowed to leave their house or make noise or turn on lights. The whole idea is ‘monsters’ are coming to the island, and if they find it deserted, they’ll leave again.)

So, I had a full day of forced vacation which was honestly wonderful and so needed. I binged 2 seasons of Outlander by the pool and it was the most fabulous thing to turn off my brain and do nothing!

Back to Germany!

I’m writing this right now in the airport as I’m on my way back home to Germany. Bali for 3 months was truly amazing. There were multiple times I was roaming around the island thinking ‘I can’t believe I made this dream happen.’

I definitely intend to do a work retreat trip for a couple months annually. I’m debating for next year between Portugal, Malta, Bali again or maybe even the Canary Islands.


  • Follow through on my launch plan, without getting into bad habits, eating terribly and being a hot mess

    • Mostly accomplished

  • Either meet my course enrollment goals, or truly give myself grace if I don’t

    • Check!

  • Spend a day completely disconnected exploring Singapore on my way home to Germany

    • Check!

April goals

  • Decide on and make an execution gameplan for my new content creation platform

  • Re-visit my annual planning calendar and juggle around some projects now some priorities have changed

  • Take weekends off, do more living and less working

Books I’m reading

Slacked on reading this month, I’m still polishing off Start With Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action by Simon Sinek.

March 2018 recap: Course launch + most profitable month in business yet!