The other day in a post I established that blogging is indeed NOT dead.

Blogging is what feeds Google.

And for as long as Google lives on, blogging lives on.

Who wants you to believe blogging is dead?


I mean everyones already on it, they’re scrolling daily, spending wayyyy too much time on it.

So it makes sense right?

Put your content where the people are.

Well … kinda.

The problem though is that Instagram wants people to stay on Instagram.

It all comes back to money.

How does Instagram make money?

By keeping your attention on the app and showing you ads.

And if you send people from Instagram to not Instagram, you’re losing Instagram money.

You’ll notice Insta has done little things over the year to keep you right where they want you, on the app.

When you send a link in a DM it’s no longer linked, it’s just plain text.

When you open a link on Instagram, it keeps you in Instagrams browser app, not sending you to Safari like it used to.

And you know what, Instagram is a business and that’s cool.

Instagram is wonderfullll for relationship building.

It’s wonderful for building a deeper connection with your people.

It’s NOT a great HQ for your business however.

Your website and that blog (which gets you found in search results) is still more important than ever.

So while yes, Instagram is sexy, don’t think it replaces a blog.

My suggestion?

Reuse your content.

Post it on Instagram, post it on your blog too.


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Instagram wants you to think blogging is dead