The other day I was talking about a book I just finished reading, Atomic Habits by James Clear.

So I thought it’d be fun to let you in on a habit I’m working on this New Year!

My chosen habit? Working from ONLY my office

If you know me, you know I loveee to work from my couch.

We lived in an apartment for years and our office was basically an overstuffed storage room.

Our living room on the other hand was cozy, had the best furniture and just was the nicest room in the place. So I gravitated to working there because I liked to spend time there.

Now we own a much larger home, and I actually have a legit office room all to myself!

But my habit continued. I worked from the couch in our living room.

I definitely noticed an issue cropping up. The living room felt like a workspace. I’d be enjoying a nice evening in front of the fire and my laptop felt like it was staring at me.

“WORK!” it said from it’s place on the coffee table.

I took a walk up to my office. It was the only room that still had unpacked boxes.

It had a tiny desk, 1 chair and a bookshelf. Plus a bunch of filming equipment.

No style. No nice decor. No comfy furniture.

And while I do loveee to keep business expenses low, this I knew needed my attention if I wanted my house to feel like my house again, and not a giant never-ending workspace.

I hopped online (#lockdownlife) and started ordering pieces of furniture and decor I love.

I wanted to make the room my new favorite place in the house so I’d actually want to spend time in it.

Here’s what I bought.

This sideboard from Made.

This lounger from

This cushion, this cushion and this cushion from Zara Home.

This desk and this shelf from Wayfair.

This desk chair from Maison Du Monde.

I still need to get a lamp and some prints/pictures but haven’t found any I love yet.

All the stuff will take a couple weeks to get here.

I’ll show it all to you when it all arrives on Instagram.

So gimme a follow on the Gram to see that!

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