Welcome back to another edition of business recaps! October has been a mix of lots of fun and lots of work, and I’ve planned & booked so many things for the coming months which I’m so looking forward to. October also continued the upward trend in site traffic which has me smiling from ear to ear.

Business in numbers:

Site stats: 
Monthly page views: 29,489
Pages/session: 1.96
Average session duration: 2:32

Woot woot , almost doubled my traffic from just a couple months ago in July! I’m looking forward to doubling it again in the coming months.

Business news:

Webinar Series

I admit, I pushed this back by about 2 weeks from when I originally wanted to start the 4 week series of webinars/masterclasses but finally stopped procrastinating and hosted my first webinar in October!

I have to tell y’all I had SO much fun! I loved hosting it, getting to answer everyone’s questions in real time and interact with you all.

It really is true that webinars are a fab way to connect with your audience and I’m looking forward to hosting the next 3 this week and the 2 weeks after. To grab a seat and join me for the classes live, check out my Crowdcast profile.

Friends were asking me if I was nervous to hold the class, and to be honest I didn’t feel even a bit of nerves until the hour before. I credit that calmness to two things.

First, now that I’ve built my email list of super-engaged subscribers, I’m no longer launching things (services or even free  masterclasses) to an empty room. I have thousands of people who are interested in what I blog and teach about, so I don’t have to worry about no one wanting to show up.

Takeaway: Start an email list yesterday. It makes running your business sooo much easier in so many ways!

Second, my daily meditation and reading #allthebooks on personal development definitely help me to be more calm and chilled with all the new territory I take on in my business.

Picking Crowdcast

I’ll admit, Crowdcast wasn’t my first choice but it won out in the end and I’m quite pleased with it now.

I was eyeing Webinar Ninja and when comparing features between the two platforms I loved that Webinar Ninja sent reminder emails (that you can customize) from within the platform. That was the deciding factor for me so I started a Webinar Ninja trial and held a few tester webinars with just my sister, mom and a friend.

The multiple times I tried hosting a webinar, the platform straight up just didn’t work. The reminder emails didn’t send, when they joined the webinar room they couldn’t see me, the button to share my screen wouldn’t click, and registering for the webinar also wasn’t working correctly. I know Webinar Ninja just released a new version of its platform so I’m going to assume there’s a few kinks to work out with the new system.

While I loved the features Webinar Ninja had that Crowdcast doesn’t, the most important thing with any platform is reliability and that you know … the webinar actually works.

So Crowdcast won out, I tested it with my family members and friend, and they used it no problem. They had no issues registering, getting a reminder email, seeing me live, and I could share my slides no problem.

During the live event Crowdcast worked well, I loved the polls, chat, questions function, and even the fact I have a profile that people can follow! (Hint, hint!)

More than anything I love that Crowdcast is reliable, because nothing sucks for business more than putting all of your time and effort into creating a class, building hype and marketing it and then the tech stuff failing you.

Not to mention, when you’re a web designer, people expect you’re good with all tech stuff, so it is extra awkward if it doesn’t work… Eeeek!

TBEX Ireland Conference

At the beginning of the month I took off for a week to head to Killarney, Ireland where the conference TBEX Ireland was taking place.

The fact that I had such an amazing time really says something about the destination and conference as I had my first ever car accident, which generally puts quite a damper on any week or trip.

Driving on the other side of the road really took my complete concentration, and lemme say Ireland roads are unforgiving! (A.K.A. They’re thin AF.)

Thankfully, after my wee fender bender with a pole some extremely kind Irish locals came out of their house, gave me their phone to call the rental company, invited me into their place, offered me tea and cookies and even drove me directly to the door of the place I was staying at after everything had been sorted with the rental company.

I was so thankful not just for their help, but a chance to get to know some locals and hear their perspective on the town, the conference I was going to and even some current events in the world.

The town of Killarney and the nature surrounding it is so stunning, I told some friends who are heading to Ireland later this year that it is a must-visit!

In terms of the actual conference, I walked away with some of the most practical and high-level SEO and affiliate information I’ve seen yet. I just need to find the time to implement all I’ve learned.

Asana HQ Course

I hopped on Megan Minn’s pre-sale of her new Asana HQ course. I am a hellah-organized person, but I was still tied to my paper planner.

I knew that in the future if I want to bring someone onto my team, I needed to get in the habit of doing all of my business organization online, and break up with my physical planner. Not to mention, I run a modern online business, what the hell am I still doing carrying around a giant planner and notebooks?

I had a guilty feeling for a while that I needed a new system and had tried out Asana last year, although unsuccessfully.

I even noticed there were many searches in my search bar for ‘Asana’ ‘Trello’ & ’17 Hats’. Clearly you all wanted to know what project management system I was using, but truth be told, I wasn’t using any! When I tried using Asana the first time I didn’t really understand how to use it, how to customize it and use the different tools for a solopreneur business.

When I bought Megan’s course, I was all stoked to finally sort out my project management system, so I flew through the course in a matter of days and had my new system up and running by the end of the week. I took my paper planner out of my purse, placed it on a shelf and haven’t opened it once since! Wahoo! I’d call that success.

I’ve seen a few differences in my business since making the switch, but without a doubt the biggest impact has been that I am SO much better at following up with leads now! (Which has resulted in a new booking that wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t been adamant about following up!) I know people always say ‘the money was in the follow up’, and it looks like now I’ve just learned for myself that that is indeed true.

My old Notes & Reminder app system to follow up with leads straight up wasn’t working, and I constantly slacked on getting back in touch, but my new leads project in Asana makes following up so simple. I can see exactly where everyone is in the stages of a lead and move them easily when I follow up.

Also, every Sunday I used to move around old To Do’s I hadn’t accomplished in the past week and plan out my next week. I now completely eliminated this Sunday ‘planning for the week’ task as Asana is great at setting recurring tasks or switching due dates in 1 click.

I’ve been using Asana for a total of 3 weeks, and I’m already a big fan. Oh and a fan of Megan’s course, because it was such a short cut to figuring out how to set up the system properly which would have taken me ages to figure out myself!

Thanks Megan!

P.S. Megan did not pay me to say these things, nor am I an affiliate, though if she offered if, I def wouldn’t turn it down cause the course is fab.

Update: I’m now a proud affiliate of the course!

Bottom line, it’s an amazing course, if you are feeling the same ‘I should really end it with my paper planner’ guilt, go get the course already! Its $97 bucks well spent, especially if you think of the fact that you’ll never have to buy a paper planner again for the rest of your life.

… Now I have to figure out what to do with my $60 2018 Simplified Planner that I won’t use.

1 Month “Holiday” Scheduled!

I have officially set myself on holiday from Dec. 16 – Jan. 14. Well, a holiday from client work that is. In that time I’ll be visiting friends & fam in Canada , taste testing mulled wine at German Christmas markets , racing down the slopes of the Austrian Alps ⛷ & flying out to my new digital nomad life in Bali.

While I won’t be doing any client work, I’ll be working on my business… So it’s kinda-sorta a holiday.

I’m so looking forward to goal setting and strategizing for the new year, I have about 15 different ideas for what I want to focus on next year, so I’m going to take some serious time to sit down, think out my goals and work back from there.

I’m well aware that if you try to appeal to everyone, you appeal to no one, and if you try to do everything, you end up doing nothing. So this strategy sesh is much needed.

P.S. That means I have just 1 web design date left before 2018! You should grab it before it’s gone! (Update: JK. Someone snatched it up between the time I wrote this and published this, I’m booking for the new year now!)

Digital Nomad News

Bali Is Calling

I shared with you in my first ever business recap the moment I experienced when I realized ‘why am I not in Bali? Why am I not chasing my dream?’

Well, chase my dream I have! I booked my flight to Bali and will be hanging out there from Jan – March. I’ve been drooling over photos of villas, rice paddies and yoga studios since. I successfully snatched up a return flight for €500 (in thanks to both Google Flights + Scott’s Cheap Flights) so you know what that means, right? More massages and drinks in coconuts with mini umbrellas in them when I arrive in Bali!

img via The Practice Bali

Progress on October goals:

My goals from last month were:

  • Have a freaking fabulous time at TBEX Ireland, soak up every bit of learning available, and network my buns off to build relationships with people doing similar work to what I am! Also, successfully get from the airport to the conference while driving on the other side of the road… Should be fun.

    • Check! … With the exception of the car bit

  • Complete prep for my 4 part webinar series, and break the ice in webinar-world.

    • Completed!

  • Submit 3 more guest posts to the next outlets on my guest post game plan list.

    • Didn’t do this one at all, whoops!

November goals

  • Submit 3 more guest posts to the next outlets on my guest post game plan list

  • Up my CSS game

  • Implement the new SEO strategy I learned at TBEX

Books I’m reading

Lean in by Sheryl Sandberg

Unlimited Power by Tony Robbins


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