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About today’s guest

You may remember my biz bestie Charlotte O’Hara from when she joined me in Episode 002 (where we talked about working online and living that digital nomad lifestyle) and again in Episode 014 (where we tell you allll the reasons why we have chosen Squarespace to build our biz’s websites!)

Today we are back at it, sitting literal inches from each other in a tiny skype booth in a coworking space in Bali, and this time we’re spilling the beans on our biggest business flops!

There is a huge learning curve when it comes to running an online business, and times it can feel like everything is coming up roses for everyone but you!

We hope that by sharing a raw look at some of our biggest online biz failures will help you to feel a little less alone, and to find a little more patience for yourself on the journey! (And possibly even learn from out mistakes!)

Tune in to the full episode to hear where we went wrong and what we’d do differently including the time and money we wasted, and other hard lessons learned along the way!

A few highlights

  • Launching to an empty room: hearing crickets for my first big birthday sale (3:20)

  • Charlotte’s online shop faux pas. Plus, how to avoid creating a paid digital product your audience isn’t asking for (6:45)

  • Jack of all trades, master of none: How my earliest attempts at marketing were a total flop (and what my marketing plan looks like now) (9:35)

  • Charlotte talks the biggest beginner blogger mistakes she made and how she has found success in niching down her topic. (11:34)

  • Why my first brand photo shoot was a total disaster (and why ignoring a gut feeling to avoid confrontation is never a good idea in business) (13:18)

  • Charlotte learns a hard truth when it comes to hiring your friends (15:40)

  • How doing a little more research could have saved me thousands of dollars. Plus, how I’m moving on and forgiving myself for money wasted (18:22)

  • Paying for something she could have easily DIY’d: The one software Charlotte could have done without. (21:14)

  • My very first hire: the costly mistakes I made and why the most qualified person may not be the right fit. Plus, the number one reason I only hire from my email list. (22:40)

  • How Charlotte’s first crack at consulting was a total flop (and the one change she made that has her services basically selling themselves) (25:12)

  • My ongoing legal nightmare. Plus, building a business in a country where you don’t speak the language (27:38)

  • Networking as an introvert: the importance of picking a client-finding strategy that works for you. (30:15)

  • The one non-negotiable business task that Charlotte has been putting off for years (and how she plans to change that in 2020) (33:00)

So there you have it! Some of our biggest head-scratchers to date. Check out the full episode on iTunes or Spotify to learn from our mistakes!

Ps. Feel like sharing your business flops? Slide into our DMs at @paigebrunton or @lottieohara or comment below and let us know we are not alone!

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