With most career paths or businesses, you can search online to find out what could be expected in terms of income. But running an online business is pretty new and unknown territory.

I hope to show you with these income reports just what is possible when you build an online business! It’s my hope that if you dream of running an online business too, these reports encourage you to work towards making that dream into your reality!

Personal News

Bali life:

For the whole month of November I’ve been back in Bali. I’ve been hanging out with friends new and old, hitting the spa at least once a week ($25 hour an a half minute massage at a gorgeous spa? Yes please!), and I’ve taken up tennis lessons. My fiancé alwaysss beats me when we play and I’m really over losing, so now I’ve improved a bit in my lessons, I’m hoping to finally beat him when I go home.

I didn’t cook a meal or go to the grocery store once while here and fully appreciated daily villa cleaning and my laundry being done for me. Bali is fabulous for having the annoying daily tasks taken off your plate so you can spend your time working and playing.

I actually got a tan this time while in Bali, unlike last, haha. I lived in Bali previously from January – March 2018 and honestly, I worked 7 days a week for 3 months straight in that time. I was hustling to create my first course at the time. When I went home and looked just as pale as when I left friends joked “you were on a tropical island for 3 months?”

This time, I knew I wanted it to be different. I wanted to actually swim in my pool, use weekends to fully relax and just hang out with friends. Oh and get a tan.

My sister also came from Vietnam (she’s teaching English there) to visit me for a weekend and we went to see Steve Aoki together. It was my 22-year-old-self dream come true, haha.

Business news

Gave 3 talks!

I did it y’all! I ran at this goal head-first when I got to Bali and got myself scheduled to give 3 talks at different co-working spaces.

The first one was at the coworking space Tropical Nomad for their Big Forum Mastermind. I did a 25 minute chat on 2 Simple Steps to 6 Figure Course Launches and then did Q+A for the rest. I loved this style of event because it was really intimate, about 15 attendees and myself just sitting around on a big couch having a convo basically.

I could just see on people’s faces light bulbs go on and a lot of course launching fears were calmed which was amazing. The feedback was fabulous and it was overall a really fabulous and encouraging first talk experience.

The other 2 were at the coworking spaces Hubud and Dojo. There I spoke about How To Kill It With A Course Launch. These were full 45 min presentations with a little Q+A at the end. In this talk I covered a bit more, including the 1 thing needed to launch, a launch schedule + game plan, vital sections of a sales page, launching before you’re ready and final course tips.

I finished up the talk to lots of questions, new friends and a full heart. I can tell speaking is definitely my thing. I def foresee speaking at a conference as a 2020 business goal!

Hosted a meetup:

I had it on my heart for a while to do a meetup of followers in my business and figured why not give it a try in Bali. It was a semi-risky move as veryyy few of my following is in Bali, mostly they’re all in the US/Canada so when I sent out the email, I genuinely figured it might not really happen or I’d get like 1 person, haha. But it turns out a few subscribers and followers were in Bali and they joined me for dinner and sunset drinks!

Thank you to Jen, Tina, Anna, Dave, Johanna, and Charlotte for joining me! Getting to meet y’all IRL filled my heart and really helped me see the real people behind the names on my subscriber list and student enrollment lists!

We chatted business, email lists, courses, Squarespace, Bali life and more! I’ll be sure next time I’m in a city in the USA/Canada to do more meetups!

Square Secrets Business course launch:

This launch went off without a hitch! My assistant Dean had the entire launch on lock and implemented our full launch plan solo. All I did was show up for the live videos and webinars. It was a real success to take myself out of this aspect of the day to day of the business.

Our conversion rate was lower than normal, which we fully expected because we just hosted a flash sale on this course last month. If you add the two launches conversion rates together however, we did just about our usual rate, so overall, all good.

Square Secrets course recreation:

This month I got at completely rebuilding my course Square Secrets so it’s consistent with the new version of Squarespace 7.1. This involved me actually learning and wrapping my head around the new platform before recording it, and watching all my past course videos to see what I need to mention where.

Going to be honest, listening to yourself talk for 12 hours of video content on a topic you already know isn’t all too thrilling. Thankfully there’s an option in Teachable to speed up the playback, so I’ve been rewatching my course at 1.5x speed and taking notes.

The full course rebuild is a pretty massive undertaking, but I’ll have a brand new course I’ll be excited to share with y’all at the end of it!

Emotional rollercoaster:

I can’t really go into what happened here, but I’ll just say that one conversation with a member of my team led me straight into an emotional hot mess. I spent a full day in bed (legit, 8 hours) scared, overwhelmed and totally in victim mode. I had a nice freak out, and began feeling so sick that thought I had food poisoning, until the person I went to dinner with the night before told me she was fine, and I realized I didn’t have food poisoning but was just stressed AF over the issue that had been presented to me.

I got myself together enough to go over to Charlotte’s house to cry my eyes out some more and then just worked on easy projects in the following days. I really couldn’t bring myself to do anything challenging as I was still recovering from my little emotional rollercoaster ride.

Running a business has some massive perks, but it’s no walk in the park. Being able to handle the emotional rollercoaster is just about as vital to a successful business as generating leads, creating a quality product and landing sales.

Content created

Currently reading

Run Like Clockwork by Mike Michalowicz

Finished up this one this month! If you’re looking to have your business run like clockwork while you’re away, and get to a point where you’ve removed yourself as a bottleneck in day to day operations, then this is a must-read!

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Income report:



There you go! That pretty much sums up the month!

If you want to see the behind-the-scenes of the business in real-time, def come hang out on Insta, as that’s where I show you what I’m up to and working on every day.


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November 2019 Online Business Income Report: $86,845.98