With most career paths or businesses, you can search online to find out what could be expected in terms of income. But running an online business is pretty new and unknown territory.

I hope to show you with these income reports just what is possible when you build an online business! It’s my hope that if you dream of running an online business too, these reports encourage you to work towards making that dream into your reality!

Personal News

Unintentional holiday:

While my fiancé was on holiday for 2 weeks in October, I had intended on working & going to German language school in that time. For one week though I just couldn’t motivate myself to work and instead just basically chilled on holiday for a week. Thankfully a week away just living life was exactly what I needed to get back my business motivation!

Contentment Challenge:

If you read last month’s income report then you know I decided to pump the brakes and stop with the spending. I’m doing Nancy Ray’s contentment challenge, meaning no spending on unnecessary items for 3 months. I was kinda surprised to find that it was honestly a breeze to do in September and the beginning of October.

Admittedly it’s gotten a heck of a lot harder now I’m in Bali. (More on Bali in a moment.) EVERYWHERE I drive, I pass by 10 shops that are overflowing with adorable sundresses, wicker purses and uber cute tropical home decor and furnishings.

I’m still sticking to the challenge and haven’t bought anything, though it is admittedly pretty brutal to go on a trip half-way around the world and not be able to buy anything to take back home.

Wish me luck on staying the course in November please friend!

Business news

Square Secrets Business Flash Sale:

We hosted our first ever flash sale, and it went off wonderfully! In terms of work on our end, the flash sale was basically just a much-easier version of our normal launches. We didn’t do any live videos or webinars like we do in full launches, we just sent 5 emails and that was about it.

I had no idea what could be expected sales-wise as I had nothing to compare it to, so we were hoping to get maybe like 20 people off the fence and into the course as students during the flash sale. We ended up doing 50!

The real test will however be in our next Square Secrets Business launch in November, I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s a bit smaller than normal because we just enrolled 50 students in the flash sale. I’ll keep you posted on what ends up happening in next month’s income report!

Headed to Bali:

I’d been wanting to do another stint working abroad but life kept getting in the way this year, so the end of October/November was the first time I had free to go somewhere other than my usual Germany/Canada life split.

I hopped on a flight and 24 hours later was in tropical Bali paradise. I headed back to my old coworking space, Dojo, and was stoked to get straight to work.

The good news about going back to a familiar location to work from is that you’re able to hit the ground running so quickly. I landed on a Sunday afternoon and had managed to get a villa sorted, a scooter, a SIM card and local currency all in just hours, meaning I was ready to work first thing Monday morning.

Without a doubt, the energy and vibe of the coworking space here is amazing. I sat down absolutely buzzing to get to work and had by far the most productive day of my entire year.

Aside from being a tropical paradise, Bali is also exceptionally helpful business-wise.

I think of it like this, if you’re a country singer, you go to Nashville, if you’re an aspiring movie star, you go to LA. If you’re a digital nomad, you go to Bali/other digital nomad hot spots.

There’s just certain places in the world which are the go-to places for an industry. The people you meet and the opportunities that arise just from being somewhere is awesome.

I’ve already been meeting people left and right and grabbing drinks and meals with industry-peers which has led to some petty amazing opportunities.

Giving my first talk:

I also came with the intention to give a talk at a coworking space.

Speaking at conferences and events is definitely a down-the-line goal, but I didn’t want for my first talk to be paid. (Wayyy too much pressure!) I wanted a bit of unpaid practice so I signed up to give a talk at Dojo, which coincidentally led to 2 other speaking offers coming out of the blue.

I’ll be presenting 3 times while I’m here! My talks are all prepared and I’m uber confident on my topic (course launching!) so I’ve just got to focus now on not speaking at the speed of light or passing out from fear, haha.

Bookkeeper onboarding:

Even after a bit of hand-holding and a lot of guidance, our bookkeeping issues continued. Our bookkeeping was either late or had multiple errors (or both) every month since we started with a bookkeeper at the beginning of the year.

I was also looking for someone to help with more CFO-related tasks, helping me to understand, plan and budget with our business revenue so I decided it was time we brought on someone new to take this over. I already had a few accountant friends/acquaintances and really hit it off with one of them, and decided to bring her on to the team.

Fingers crossed we’re able to get our books correct and on-time going forward. (These income reports will come out a heck of a lot earlier in the month if this happens! These reports are generally written on the 1st day of the new month, but don’t come out until the end of the month because of our bookkeeping problems.)

Planned for Square Secrets course overhaul:

I have been keeping a close eye on the feedback students of my Square Secrets course submit. I had noted a couple of consistent themes of the type of content students wanted added to the course and I’ve also been keeping an eye on the release of Squarespace 7.1 at the same time.

When Squarespace 7.1 is fully released, I intend to rerecord about 85% of Square Secrets and add 2 significant new topics of content to it. So basically, just as much work as creating it the first time.

While there’s no date set for the release of 7.1 yet, I’ve been preparing behind the scenes to do as much of the course revamp work that I can do at this point, aside from recreating tech tutorials which I’ll have to wait for 7.1 to do.

My goal is to get the new course version out as quickly as possible after the 7.1 release. It took me 3 months to create the course the first time around, but I’d like to do the rerecord a bit faster than that if at all possible.

Content created

Currently reading

Rocket Fuel by Gino Wickman

I tried reading this book a few months back and called it quits like a chapter or two in because I felt like the entire topic he was discussing didn’t apply to me. The book talks about a visionary and an integrator and the role they play working together to make a business thrive. After reading through the descriptions of visionaries and integrators I felt like I identified with both roles and so the book seemed kinda useless to me.

But now with a better understanding of the work that lights me up and the work that’s a long hard slog to get through, I came to the realization that I’m a definite visionary and all the integrator task I was doing were the ones I procrastinated on and didn’t do well.

Before I felt kinda guilty and lazy for being so unmotivated and wanting to get certain tasks off my plate and now I realize that they’re just really not in my zone of genius, and if I want to move forward with visionary work (which ends up moving the business forward), I’ve got to stop filling up my time with integrator tasks.

I give this one a definite recommendation for anyone who is a bit further along in business and currently has a small team they’re working with. (It won’t really apply to you so much right now if you’re a solopreneur.)

Crushing It by Gary Vaynerchuk

It’s pretty rare that I genuinely do not recommend a book, but honestly I would def take a hard pass on this one. Man was I surprised by this book! I love Gary’s content online, but this book absolutely fell flat in terms of value. Legitimately I think more than half of this book was testimonials and plugging his past books, there was almost no actually valuable content.

Run Like Clockwork by Mike Michalowicz

Would def recommend this book! I loved Mike’s Profit First book (that’s an affiliate link!) half because it was great content and half because it was hilarious. (More on how I apply what I learned in his first book in this post). This one is also solid content, though unfortunately not quite as funny as the other. Regardless, if you want your team to be able to run the show and have your business move forward when you’re off on vacation, maybe on mat leave one day, working on another business or life project, etc., then this is a must-read!

Traffic numbers

Income report:



There you go! That pretty much sums up the month!

If you want to see the behind-the-scenes of the business in real-time, def come hang out on Insta, as that’s where I show you what I’m up to and working on every day.


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October 2019 Online Business Income Report: $66,832.06