With most career paths or businesses, you can search online to find out what could be expected in terms of income. But running an online business is pretty new and unknown territory.

I hope to show you with these income reports just what is possible when you build an online business! It’s my hope that if you dream of running an online business too, these reports encourage you to work towards making that dream into your reality!

Personal News


My mom came over to Europe, so we headed off to Austria for a week together. I feel like these income report posts are always mentioning where I travelled to and therefore why I didn’t work as many days as I wanted to. This trend continued in May. Austria was freakin’ beautiful, I went hiking in the mountains, had a real ‘The Hills Are Alive’ moment looking out over the grassy mountaintops and we wandered through Salzburg which really is a gorgeous city. The city is much less packed and busy than most, and it’s well connected to the countryside making it very easy to get into and out of for the day.

I took my vacation time in Austria to dig into a few books, so I killed it in the reading department this month. (What I read to come later on!)

Got a new 3 year German visa:

Even though Germany would be absolutely off it’s rocker to kick me out (as you can probably tell from these income reports, I’m the tax offices dream immigrant) visa appointments are always a little nerve wracking. I headed into the visa office a wee bit nervous, but headed out thankfully with a new 3 year visa, so it looks like I’ll be kicking around Europe for a bit longer!

I had some longer travels planned for this past winter, but had to stay in Europe due to getting paperwork sorted out for this new visa, so I’m glad that’s all now taken care of, and I can continue my trend of leaving Germany in the months that the weather is truly awful here. (I’m lookin’ at you two, November and February!)

New hobby – house hunting:

My fiancé and I have taken up a new hobby, that is driving outside the city to find the coziest suburbs to buy a house in one day. My fiancé is now an expert at finding nice neighbourhoods on Google maps, so we drive out and go for walks, dreaming about which house to get one day. So if you live in the area, we’ve probably creeped your backyard on Google Satellite. We’ve still got a ways to go in saving for a down payment (you actually need 20% at minimum to buy in Germany, they won’t accept anything less), but we’re making great progress!

Business news

Launched Square Secrets Business for the 2nd time:

The major thing that happened this month was our launch of Square Secrets Business! This was just the 2nd time we’ve opened enrollment for a new class of SSB students, and the last time we did an open enrollment was over Black Friday, so we weren’t quite sure if enrollments would be lower this time because of the lack of a Black Friday sale.

We know our average conversion rates really well, but figured Black Friday might have inflated our conversion rate from the last launch. It turns out, we passed last launches conversion rate too!

It’s been really nice to see our conversion rate rise slowly launch to launch, it makes me feel like we’re getting better, refining our message, and improving our strategy with every one!

This was the very first launch where I wasn’t the person sitting behind the laptop and changing the pages on the website over, getting the timer on the sales page, and sending the emails. My assistant Mary executed everything in the launch perfectly, and was super reliable to get everything launched and switched over correctly, which was massively life-giving to me.

I went into this launch chill as a cucumber, but came out feeling the usual anxiety of getting off an emotional rollercoaster by the end of it. Launching really takes it out of you and seriously feels like getting hit by an emotional truck. If a launch goes super well (like this one) or if it doesn’t, the feeling at the end is always the same, exhaustion.

And I’ll be honest, the business doing this much in revenue in a month seriously challenges my money mindset comfort zone.

Decided on my first line of shop products:

I’ve been talking about launching a shop of digital products for a little while here and there and I finally nailed down what I want to be creating first! I have some seriously off the hook, crazy in-depth processes that I’ve put in place in this business. (Organizing things to a T and setting up processes is a love of mine.) And I realized, there’s likely many of y’all out there wondering what the correct steps to take are in situations I’ve been through many, many times now.

So I plan to launch a line of process templates! I’ll be packaging up my processes for blogging, podcasting, course building, web design projects, hiring and onboarding team members, annual planning, and financial planning and putting them up in the new shop!

Created the first batch of podcast episodes:

This month I got my ducks in a row and began interviewing podcast guests, editing the episodes together, and creating a smooth-as-butter process that’s now ready to be mostly handed off to a team member! (With the exception of, you know, the recording of the shows and interviews.)

I genuinely SO enjoyed every interview I’ve held so far, and LOVE getting to nerd out on topics I’m super interested in with others who are too. (It’s hard to find people who get excited about the strategy of passive income in this world.)

Prepared process to hire new VA:

My VA Mary has been preparing to launch her own business, Wellness Site Shop, and take off on some world-wide travels, so I’ve been busy getting prepared to hire on her replacement. I used a lot of the same content I used last time to hire her on, but defined our process even more clearly and, while I don’t want to use it again anytime soon, I really feel ready to hire a team member at the drop of the hat because I got the process and content so well down this time!

Ps. Want my access to my complete hiring process? Check out my Hiring & Outsourcing mini-course (so you can avoid the headache and expense of the most common hiring mistakes and get things done right the first time!)

Currently reading

Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis

  • I feel like pretty often I’m reading some heavy business books, so this was fabulous to crack open a more light-hearted read. This book is super easy to get through and have a light laugh along the way. I’ve got some serious respect for what Rachel has built and her content consistency, but honestly am pretty new to “meeting” her so this book was fab for getting to know her a bit better. If you’re looking for a fun, light read and feeling a bit less alone with the awkward moments of life, this book is great for that.

I Heart My Life by Emily Williams

  • I got a pre-release of this book and was so glad I did, I LOVED reading it! Emily gives ya a real kick in the butt to get after your dreams, get out of ‘victim mode’ and get on with creating the life you want, even if you feel like you’re ‘behind’ and life isn’t working out the way you wanted it to right now. I’m definitely going to be gifting this book to others, it’s fabulous! If you have even a slight feeling that your life doesn’t look like you want it to, this is a must-read.

Traction by Gino Wickman

  • I feel like a lot of this book was some high-level stuff which had me feeling like I had to go back to the basics of my business and really nail that first, so I finished this but then went back to reading Good To Great (see below.) If you’re business is rock-solid and you want to make some serious progress towards your goals and scaling, this book is fab for that.

Good to Great by Jim Collins

  • I read this a year or two ago, but after reading Traction I felt the need to go back to this one again. This is truly one of the best business books out there, and there were a lot of practical tips I took away seeing that I’m hiring right now, and getting the perfect hires on your team is something this book talks a lot about.

The Millionaire Next Door by Thomas Stanley and William Danko

  • This book had some uberrr interesting insights on millionaires. That guy leasing the newest Porsche and living in the biggest house in the fanciest neighbourhood? Yeah, he’s probably not all that wealthy. Millionaires are not who you think they are, and there were some really interesting insights on generational wealth and the typical situations that wealth passed down creates.

5 books in a month, I think that’s a first!

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Income report:



There you go! That pretty much sums up the month of May!

If you want to see the behind-the-scenes of the business in real-time, def come hang out on Insta, as that’s where I show you what I’m up to and working on every day.

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