004. Paige Brunton : How to Design a Business you Truly Enjoy Consider the Wildflowers

From zero job prospects living in a country where she didn’t speak the same language to a multi-six figure business within just a few years, Paige Brunton’s story is fascinating! In today’s interview, Paige is sharing in nuts and bolts detail how she created her business from idea formation to scalable products, how she grew from her first $500 paid client project to getting an inquiry a day (read again: an INQUIRY A DAY!!) and charging nearly $10k per project less than two years later. But hands down my favorite part of our conversation is hearing her talk about how she intentionally builds FUN and JOY into her business.WILDFLOWER SHOWNOTES : shannaskidmore.com/paige-brunton

One of my absolute fave ways to create content is to hop on a podcast and casually shoot the business breeze with other creators! You hear the most interesting stories…ones that might not have ever surfaced in something more scripted!

So you can imagine just how much my day was made when someone I, myself, have followed, learned from and just super admired for a while now invited me to be a guest on her brand new podcast called “Consider The Wildflowers.”

Ya’ll, if you’ve never met/heard of Shanna Skidmore–besides being an absolute gem in the financial education world and the go-to lady for helping you confidently crunch the numbers in your creative online business–she also happens to be thee absolute most loveliest human, and your life will 100% be better for knowing her and her business! 🤌

P.S. Want to connect and hear from Shanna live? She’s getting ready to host an INCREDIBLE free masterclass on “The Art of Six Figures” all about building a profitable, thriving, life-giving business business on your own terms!

So what is this new podcast about?

For the past 15 years, Shanna (as a Financial Consultant/Advisor) has the amazing opportunity to hear thousands of stories from entrepreneurs around the world and see and hear the “real” behind the highlights reels of the successful!

While we just see the victories and the progress, Shanna has had a very intimate first row seat for the hardest part of their journeys…the part that’s not polite to talk about at the dinner table, but ultimately shaped the brands and the people behind them.

This new podcast Shanna has created is all about sharing the untold stories of how industry leaders, founders, and up-and-coming entrepreneurs got their start, INCLUDING (and especially) the rocky bits.

These stories are meant to inspire creators everywhere to be redefining success and what it would look like to build a life and business on your OWN terms!

I’m so grateful I got to be a part of this project by telling my own story!

So what did Shanna and I chat about in this episode?

(You’ll definitely want to be poppin’ in your earbuds for this one, but here’s a quick little run-down in the meantime!) 👇

Psssst! Don’t forget to snag your seat to Shanna’s upcoming free financial masterclass, “The Art of 6 Figures” happening live on August 18th @ 1PM ET!

How to design an online business you truly enjoy

With financial educator and podcast host Shanna Skidmore

  • How Paige and Shanna crossed paths (And the simple shared lightbulb moment that transformed the future of our businesses)
  • How a just-for-fun travel blog (and a cute guy in a bar) led to a $2M+ online business idea (4:58)
  • From struggling to sell a $500 websites on Etsy, to effortlessly booking $5K+ web design projects on autopilot (9:00)
  • How Paige quickly scaled her impact and income from 1:1 client work to helping thousands of students with her online courses (11:04)
  • The mistake that makes most online business owners hear crickets when they first try to raise their prices (21:23)
  • The exact marketing strategy that skyrocketed Paige’s business $50K/year to $500K/year (24:56)
  • How Paige stays motivated in an industry that causes most creators to quickly burn out (27:16)
  • All the passive income in the world is NOT worth it if you don’t have THIS in your business (29:04)
  • How to stop selling your soul on social media | The business experiment that gave Paige permission to ditch Instagram for good (31:49)
  • Why you won’t find the balance you’re looking for until you re-evaluate your ‘why’ in business (34:02)
  • The best thing Paige has ever learned about money as a multi-millionaire (and why you can’t wait until you’re reflecting back on your life to be learning this lesson) (38:50)
  • Quick fire questions (that lead to embarrassing business confessions) (41:46)

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