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When dreaming up ideas for my next episode of The Online Business Besties’s Podcast, it occurred to me to check in on the stats of past episodes to see just which topics people seem most excited to learn about.

Now, ya’ll have been showing up pretty dang faithfully over on iTunes and Spotify (much appreciated btw) but of all the episode there seems to be one that reaaally piqued listener’s interest, and that was episode 007: 4 essential pillars to a passive income business with guest expert Graham Cochrane.

And it makes sense, right? Who doesn’t dream of sitting on a beach, sippin’ on piña coladas while your business brings in some serious bank and basically runs itself?

Maybe you’re dreaming of the complete lifestyle, location, and financial freedom that passive income can offer, or maybe you’d even settle for a slightly better work-life balance at this point…

Either way, if you’re ready to stop tying your hours to dollars, then this episode is for you!

a few highlights

  • A few pretty solid reasons to give passive income a chance in your business. (2:16)

  • Why your current income isn’t scalable and what the 1% are doing differently. (3:43)

  • The #1 reason you never take time off. (8:14)

  • Why online courses aren’t the only option – passive income product ideas for photographers, graphic designers, copywriters, architects, weddings planners, chefs, food bloggers, fitness instructors, and more. (9:28)

  • How to sell your stuff on the internet (an intro to sales funnels.) (13:52)

  • The first step to generating passive income and why your product or course won’t matter if you aren’t consistently doing this one thing. Plus, building your email list with freebies, opt-in gifts, and other free content. (14:20)

  • The importance of hosting your free content on your own website. Hint: it has everything to do with SEO. (17:59)

  • The tools & tech I recommend for creating and delivering your freebies and opt-in gifts. (19:00)

  • Automating your passive income sales process and where to set up shop depending on the type of product you plan to sell. (20:26)

  • “Do I need to keep working if I’m earning passive income?” What life is like since adding this revenue stream to my business. (21:25)

  • Busting the get-rich-quick-scheme myth: Why passive income isn’t 100% passive, and the thing you need to keep in mind when creating your product. (22:00)

So there you have it! My best advice for successfully building passive income into your online business and how to use sales funnels to automatically and consistently sell your digital product or course offerings!

…and it’s all waiting for you over on The Online Business Besties’s Podcast!

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